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Nonprofit Spotlight: Common Good Atlanta

Nov 16, 2021

What is Common Good Atlanta? Common Good Atlanta (CGA) provides people who are incarcerated or formerly incarcerated with access to higher education by connecting Georgia’s colleges and professors with Georgia’s prison classrooms. The Nonprofit believes that broad, democratic access to higher education for people affected by incarceration strengthens the common good of our communities. How…

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Volunteer Spotlight: David Green

Nov 15, 2021

Let’s meet David A life-long web builder, David Green currently works as both an SEO manager at Apptio and a Bootcamp Instructor in a WordPress-based digital marketing program at UNC Chapel Hill. He has a degree in communications from the University of Arkansas, and it was through an alumni association for UofA that David was…

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World Wide Win! 2021 Global Volunteerism Recap

Oct 18, 2021

Kudos and thanks to everyone who made our 2021 Global Volunteerism event possible. What a fantastic way to wrap up our 2021 schedule of events. No matter how many events we have, witnessing what’s possible when talented, skilled and motivated volunteers get together is always exhilarating. The fact that a group of people in Atlanta…

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Keleigh Harris, a volunteer from State Farm

48in48 Volunteer Spotlight: Keleigh Harris

Oct 13, 2021

Who is Keleigh? Keleigh Harris lives in Dallas, Texas where she’s a Scrum Master for State Farm. If you’re not familiar with the term scrum master, Keleigh describes it as a project manager who helps teams of people come together to do something bigger than themselves. What an apt description of both her State Farm…

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48in48 Nonprofit Spotlight: Learning in Color

Sep 20, 2021

How Learning in Color started When Founder and CEO Carol Bowman first started Learning in Color seven years ago, she had gotten the idea from working as a teacher with special needs. Her background coming from psychology, she had done plenty of research on color’s impact on learning. “I asked myself, why aren’t we being…

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48in48 Volunteer Spotlight: Atsushi Hisaka

Aug 26, 2021

Meet Atshushi Atsushi is a Senior Technical Product Manager at Verizon Media and helps advertisers achieve happiness across its ad platforms. Throughout his career, he has worked with SMB to Fortune 50 businesses. Why Did Atsushi Volunteer? Atshushi was introduced to 48in48 by a colleague at Verizon Media who presented 48in48 as a very tenacious…

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48in48 Volunteer Spotlight: Sara Loretta

Aug 23, 2021

Meet Sara! Though Sara Loretta joined as a 48in48 volunteer a mere year ago, she has already taken on some transformative roles at the organization. When a friend of hers at IBM posted about 48in48’s need for more volunteers, she decided to get involved. She initially dove in as a team coach, then did everything…

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48in48 Nonprofit Spotlight: Metro Atlanta Reentry Coalition (MARC)

Aug 17, 2021

Who is MARC Connecting people with resources to grow, Michael Taylor takes a community lens to everything he does as the director of MARC, a nonprofit focused on helping people readjust to life after prison. I had the pleasure of working with Michael over the past couple of months and even had the honor of…

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Fast Resources for Starting Your Nonprofit Organization

Aug 11, 2021

Article written by: Brittany Fisher Building effective, long-lasting nonprofit organizations is one of the driving missions of 48in48. However, many potential nonprofits wind up stalling before they can truly start, simply because the people who’d like to run them don’t know where to begin. That’s where this article comes in. We’ve gathered some simple, easy-to-digest…

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