Volunteer Spotlight: Alicia Pflaumer

Meet Alicia

Alicia is a long-time volunteer and 48in48 All Star! Between 2021 and 2022, Alicia joined a Build Team for 6 events – almost 300 hours of time volunteered with 48in48! She’s been a Jack of All Trades (a role that was transitioned out of our later events), Coach, and most often a WordPress Designer. A photography enthusiast and professional marketer at Akamai, Alicia supports 48in48 by promoting us in her network and consistently returning to events!

Her first event was 2018, our Boston City Event. Before 2020, our events were in-person only. Alicia heard about us through a friend, decided to join, and says she had a lot of fun on-site! When the pandemic hit and virtual options became the only options, she heard 48in48 had gone virtual and decided our events would be a good way to stay involved while at home.

Working from Home

Alicia says the switch to virtual events ended up being a preferable one for her. While Alicia volunteers elsewhere for other types of nonprofits, 48in48 is the first she’s joined virtually, and she’s excited about the increased accessibility and flexibility that our virtual events offer. She says while she enjoyed the in-person event, and might join us again next time we are in Boston, she favors being able to work from home, and work on a more flexible online schedule. Working with us from Rhode Island, she feels able to remain connected to the 48in48 family through the weekend, and connected with her team members online after the event. She continues to volunteer virtually for each event.

She usually joins us an individual, and is assigned to a team with other individuals, but for last year’s Social Justice Build, brought a team of coworkers from Akamai who built alongside her, along with a few others who joined other teams. We’re excited to continue spreading the word about 48in48 together!

Joining in at Events

If someone was on the fence? Alicia’s only words are “Do it!” She recognizes that the weekend can be a lot to give, but says, “it’s a good experience, you learn a lot yourself – it’s a win-win.” “The nonprofits have always been really appreciative,” she says, citing their feedback at the end of the event as what always makes her weekend feel most impactful and worthwhile.

“I like the concept of helping the nonprofits and using your skills. I like the whole idea of skills-based volunteerism, because it’s a two-way street. Working with other creative people, you always pick up something … it fits with my own mission.”

We’re so glad Alicia gives us so much time over the year by joining for multiple events. If you want to join in the fun, register for our next event!