Nonprofit Spotlight: Families Strengthening Families

We are excited to feature Families Strengthening Families! They are a local Georgia nonprofit and are doing great work helping support families to overcome challenges and come back stronger than ever.

What is Families Strengthening Families? 

Families Strengthening Families is a 501c3 Nonprofit founded by David and Shameka Burrell. Families Strengthening Families started after a tough season in David and Shameka’s marriage. They realized that with strong support and guidance they were able to restore their home and come back stronger than ever. Now they share that same hope with local families experiencing the same challenges.

Shameka said that they look to take the lessons they have learned through their own journey and help people in similar situations. Their goal is to help families stay together and to overcome the hardships they are facing. Shameka said her favorite success story was a mother who was going to foster her daughter and Families Strengthening Families were able to work with her to mend her mother-daughter relationship and they are still together!

If you are interested in getting involved with this great mission, please visit the Families Strengthening Families website here.

48in48 in the Picture

Families Strengthening Families participated in the 2022 Global Build Event. They were impressed with the work 48in48 was doing. Shameka said that they have already received more volunteer support as a result of their website. They have also been able to more efficiently spread the word about what they do by directing people to their website instead of having to explain everything about their nonprofit.

Get Involved!

Check out Families Strengthening Families at their new website, consider donating to support their important cause, and follow Families Strengthening Families on Instagram or Facebook to learn more.

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