48in48 Events

Participate in any of our events as an individual or with your team to create professional, free websites that fuel nonprofits' missions, attracting vital support and donors. Together, with the generous contribution of our visionary sponsors, we make a remarkable difference in just 48 hours.

2024 Events

Women's Build Event

  • April 5 - 7, 2024

  • HYBRID / Slalom Atlanta

  • Registration Deadline March 15th


Social Justice Event

  • June 28 - 30, 2024


  • Registration Deadline June 7th


Global Event

  • October 4 - 6, 2024

  • HYBRID / Cox Atlanta

  • Registration Deadline September 13th


At every event, we serve nonprofits

Through Skills-Based Volunteerism by

Building 48 Websites

Our free websites help nonprofits that are already doing good, look good as well. We build professional quality marketing websites at all our events!

Training Nonprofits

We train all our nonprofits on how to use their new website so that they can make the most of it. This involves video training, tutorials and more!

Providing Support

After an event we offer top-level support to our nonprofits, making sure they have all questions and concerns answered quickly. We are here to help the helpers.

48in48 is a 501c3 organization, our mission is to mobilize marketing and technology volunteers to serve nonprofits worldwide. 48in48 signature events empower nonprofit organizations with tools they need to be more successful in achieving their mission by building 48 nonprofit websites in 48 hours.


About 48in48 Events

Our hybrid events offer the flexibility of both on-site and virtual participation, allowing volunteers from around the world to contribute their expertise through skills-based volunteerism. From Friday at 6p ET to Sunday at 6p ET, our dedicated volunteer teams collaborate to bring a nonprofit’s vision to life. Virtual volunteers can engage at their own convenience across time zones, while on-site volunteers immerse themselves in a dynamic weekend of creative collaboration and networking.

Join us in creating new, free websites for nonprofits that further empower their cause. Through digital transformation, you can equip nonprofits with the online tools necessary to make powerful change, creating a ripple effect that extends far beyond local endeavors and leaves a lasting effect that can be felt worldwide. Whether you're a nonprofit seeking a stunning website, a dedicated volunteer ready to lend your skills, or a charitable sponsor interested in amplifying your impact, our events bring the 48in48 family together to create meaningful change.

Volunteer Teams

At 48in48, we believe in the power of tailored events that bring together passionate volunteers and nonprofits with a shared vision. Our events calendar consists of three impactful event initiatives, each designed to address specific needs and amplify the voices of diverse communities.


  • The Women's Build Event brings together all-women teams to support nonprofits led by or serving women, fostering gender justice and empowering women-led organizations.


  • The Social Justice Event uplifts nonprofits fighting for diversity, equity, and inclusion, driving social justice initiatives and creating a more equitable society.


  • The Global Event fosters cross-cultural collaboration, connecting volunteers and nonprofits worldwide to address local and global challenges, forging international connections and making a positive global impact. Together, let's create lasting transformation and build a better world, one website at a time.


No matter the event type, our collective efforts are aimed at creating lasting transformation that helps foster empowerment and amplifies the voices of those working tirelessly for safer, more inclusive communities and a better world. Your investment in these special initiative-based events will help make the world a better place, one website at a time.