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Corporate Sponsorship & Giving for Lasting Change

Engaging in 48in48's corporate sponsorship and volunteer opportunities goes beyond giving back; it fosters a deep sense of connection and camaraderie within your company. In fact, 81% of our volunteers report feeling a stronger bond with their company and colleagues after serving on a company team.

Corporate Opportunities with 48in48

48in48 is a simple way to support a broad range of causes with a single investment.

Join us in making a lasting impact through corporate sponsorship and charitable giving. Become a valued sponsor or partner and contribute to our mission of empowering nonprofits and creating positive change in communities worldwide. Together, let's make a difference that aligns with your corporate pillars, core values and transforms lives.

Sponsor Opportunities

Engaging in our program offers a holistic approach to corporate responsibility, igniting the spirit of volunteerism within your team while positioning your brand as an integral part of an extraordinary and impactful initiative. Our diverse range of opportunities allows your organization to make a meaningful difference through charitable giving and purpose-driven sponsorships that have a lasting effect on communities around the world by empowering nonprofits to amplify their cause.

Opportunities Include:

Global & National Partnerships

Single Event Sponsorships

Impact Lab Educators

Volunteer Digital Teams

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Partnership Benefits

Partnering with 48in48 offers a range of compelling benefits for corporate sponsors. By aligning your brand with our mission, you not only demonstrate your commitment to social responsibility but also gain valuable opportunities for brand exposure, employee engagement, and networking within our vibrant community of nonprofits and like-minded sponsors.

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Sponsor Testimonials

Canwil Textiles

“Canwil Textiles is proud to sponsor 48in48, aligning with our commitment to empower community-driven change. Just as we weave yarn to create impactful textiles, 48in48 weaves technology and purpose, equipping nonprofits for digital success. Together, we're crafting a brighter future for change-makers.”

Nikhil Narwani


“We love working with 48in48 for skills-based community service; it has also been a great experience for team building and networking opportunities!”

Bee-Lian D Quah


“48in48's commitment to mobilizing a global community of volunteers to create positive change is truly inspiring. We're proud to support their efforts to foster volunteerism and give back to local communities around the world.”

John Kidd

GA Farmers Market

“We were thrilled with the volunteers that we were connected to. They were extremely knowledgeable, very patient, it was just kind of like a whirlwind experience, but I felt like I was in really great hands!”

Sagdrina Jalal