Volunteer Spotlight: Channel Strobhart and Yebin Choi

Channel Strobhart
Yebin Choi

Meet our WBE23 Planning Committee Leads

We’re so excited to spotlight our Planning Committee leads for this year’s Women’s Build Event, Channel Strobhart and Yebin Channel. 

Both joining us from Slalom Build in Atlanta, Channel and Yebin both began volunteering with 48in48 last year at our 2022 Women’s Build. Outside of work and volunteering, Channel spends time with her family, goes shopping (maybe more window shopping, these days), and travels. Yebin recently started painting again as a hobby, a pastime from her childhood that she says she’s recently begun to enjoy again. 

Volunteerism as a Value 

Both Channel and Yebin, like most of our volunteers, say the impact they’re able to see and feel through their own actions are what brings volunteerism to an important place in their life. “Knowing that something that you’re doing is going to help someone else. Just knowing that you’re sharing your time, your commitment, and knowing that something is going to be beneficial from it. No one is actually saying “you have to do this” – you’re doing it out of the kindness and goodness of your heart,” Channel says, mentioning also that she finds volunteering a positive way to improve self-esteem and pursue personal growth. 

Stepping Up to Lead

This year, Yebin and Channel both stepped up as Planning Committee leads after invitations from our and Slalom Build’s teams. They both mentioned wanting to get to know 48in48 and our community better, to expand their networks, and to see behind the scenes of the event. With our event hosted at Slalom Atlanta and their experience with our events, they were the perfect fit.

Choosing 48in48

“What really caught my eye … was the fact that it was a “for women, by women” kind of thing.”

– Channel Strobhart

Speaking to what first intrigued her about 48in48 events, Channel says “What really caught my eye … was the fact that it was a “for women, by women” kind of thing. Knowing that story behind [the event] … knowing that you have people who are willing to commit their time to share and do whatever they need to do in order to bring some value to their [nonprofit], that stood out to me.” Yebin said she felt similarly, and during the event, was able to see the impact of her efforts in real time – “When I was participating in the event, we would have conversations with the nonprofit … they were explaining how much this would help them to get traction and more, and it just feels good to know I’m doing something good” (Yebin). 

Taking on the WordPress Developer role in our Women’s and Global Events in 2022, Yebin mentions that the event also give her a chance to strengthen her skillsets. “I do more product management type of work on a daily basis, so it was cool to be outside of that role and doing something else,” she says. Channel, who volunteers as a Project Manager, cited a similar feeling, saying the events “give you the opportunity to really balance out your skillset.” 

Channel and Yebin at our virtual 2022 Women’s Build, on-site at their office at Slalom Atlanta

Favorite Memories

For Channel, her standout moment at an event was last year at our virtual Women’s Build. She says when her nonprofit point of contact saw the site on their final call, “you could just see her light up. Just seeing that – the smile on her face, knowing that she was very grateful and thankful for everything our team was doing at that point …. it made my day.”

Supportive cheerleaders encouraging the Slalom Team at WBE21

“They brought pom poms and food, then during lunch, we made an entrance like at a basketball game, walking through the pom poms. It was really cute, it made us feel so supported.”

– Yebin Choi

Yebin remembers the same event, looking back on support from her fellow coworkers that made the day special. Though the event was virtual, her team chose to meet on-site at their office and had some men coworkers stop by to visit to cheer them on. “They brought pom poms and food, then during lunch, we made an entrance like at a basketball game, walking through the pom poms. It was really cute, it made us feel so supported. Even though they weren’t there to directly a part of the event, they were there to cheer us on and make sure we were fed.” We love to hear how events foster community at our partner organizations!

Advice to Future Volunteers

When asked what her advice to volunteers on the fence would be, Channel cites a common refrain – “like the Nike slogan, just do it. Give yourself that chance to get to know some new people, to expand on your skill, whatever it is that you’re doing, this is a broader opportunity for you to utilize your speciality and share it with someone else. Just do it!” Yebin also encouraged volunteers to take the plunge, even if they’re feeling nervous about the commitment. “You are kind of sacrificing your weekend, but for a good cause. Just try it out … You’re not building from scratch. You’re using WordPress, you’re using Beaver Builder. It’s a little easier than traditional web development, and you have a team to work with.”

Yebin and Channel have been a huge part of setting up everything that we need for our next event. If you want to support us and them, reach out to Erin to learn how you can get involved, or sign up to build at our Women’s Event!