2022 Year in Review – Volunteers

Looking back on 2022, it is truly incredible what our volunteers accomplished. Whether you joined us for one event, two, or all four, we and our nonprofit partners are so grateful for your dedicated time.

Team Slalom on-site at Cox Headquarters for our Global Event.
Our Planning Committee online for our Social Justice Event.
Sima Parekh, Akila Srinivasan, Cheryl Budzinski, Denise Denson, Shaun Evans, Sylvester Jackson, Erin Hogan, Mack Hodges, Vikki Baptiste
Our Planning Committee on-site at our Global Event. (Photo/Lily Pryor)
Shawan Allen, Jeff Hilimire, John Kidd, Sima Parekh, David Wakhisi, Sam Oesterreich, Denise Denson, Brittany Banks, Sarah Countryman, Daniel Dartnell, Erica Pigott, Carrisa Jones
All our volunteers post-kickoff at Global 2022, ready to get building! (Photo/Sylvester Jackson)
Our Planning Committee and Keynote Speaker online for our Women’s Build.
Denise Denson, Cheryl Budzinski, Daphne Saavedra, Erin Hogan, Dr. Kamel Hothi, Sima Parekh.
Team Photo from Super Service, with members from IBM, State Farm, Resolute Digital, and other orgs.
The Winner of our Team Photo Contest at our 2022 Women’s Build
The Winner of our Team Photo Contest at our 2022 Social Justice Build.
The Winner of our Team Photo Contest at our 2022 Global Event, with members from IBM and other orgs.

Volunteers By the Numbers

Over 4 events and 133 sites in 2022, we mobilized volunteers from…

  • 22 countries around the world
    • Australia, Albania, Bahrain, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Ghana, Guyana, Germany, India, Italy, Kuwait, Jamaica, Nigeria, Mexico, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Slovakia, United Kingdom
  • 40 of the 50 US states
    • Top states – Georgia, Massachusetts, California, Texas
  • 205 organizations, in addition to the many freelancers who support our work

Together, our volunteers contributed over 43,000 hours to 48in48 and to the nonprofits we support, with an estimated value over $4.3 million.

A huge shoutout is deserved for our sponsor and partner organizations who support us all year!

Going the Extra Mile

We want to also give a special shoutout to the State Farm, IBM, Slalom, and 100Devs communities this year for giving over 1000 hours to 48in48 this year. You’ve each made an incredible impact for nonprofits around the world.

Additionally, IBM sent the most volunteers to our Super Service, Women’s, and Global Build events. Slalom was our top volunteer group for the Social Justice Build.

Thank you so much to every volunteer who participated, spread the word, and ultimately built sites for our nonprofits. We are changing the world – one website at a time!