Impact Reports

48in48 is committed to making a lasting impact and empowering nonprofits through our free website development events. Our annual impacts report demonstrates the transformative outcomes achieved by our dedicated volunteers, sponsors, and nonprofit partners.

About 48in48 Impact Reports  

Sharing our annual impact reports provides a transparent summary of accomplishments via our 48in48 build events. We showcase the outcomes and positive impact generated by our dedicated volunteers, sponsors, and nonprofit partners.

2022 Impact Report

2023 Impact Report

48in48 Impact Since 2015

Total websites built
Saved by nonprofits globally


In 2019, Volunteers create new websites and other digital assets for nonprofits in Atlanta, Raleigh, New York City, Boston, Dallas, and London, a $8 Million Impact!

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Local Volunteer Engagement

48in48 mobilizes about 1000 technology and marketing volunteers every year. That's more than 48,000 hours given by volunteer annually!


$30 Million+ Saved

Since it's founding, 48in48 has served over 1300 nonprofits with high-quality sites. That's millions saved for nonprofits around the world.

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Sponsors & Partners

At 48in48, we express our utmost appreciation to our devoted sponsors and partners whose unwavering support has played a vital role in our mission to empower nonprofit organizations. Through their generous philanthropic efforts, they have been instrumental in enabling expertly crafted and fully developed websites for nonprofits, at no cost. We are proud to collaborate with these remarkable allies, and their commitment to making a profound impact on communities and nonprofit missions worldwide.

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