Board of Directors

At 48in48, our Board of Directors plays a crucial role in guiding and steering our nonprofit organization towards its mission of empowering nonprofits worldwide. Composed of esteemed leaders from diverse backgrounds and industries, our board brings invaluable expertise, strategic vision, and unwavering commitment to driving positive change locally and globally. Their dedication and guidance enable us to make a lasting impact and create transformative opportunities for nonprofits. If you are interested in joining our Board of Directors and contributing to our mission, please reach out to our Executive Director for more information.


Raj Choudhury

CEO at Alloy - Board Chair

The ability to bring the digital professional community to do good not only in ATL but globally has been a so rewarding. I’ve always looked for ways to give back to my local community and 48in48 provides that platform. 


Christian Welin

Vice President Cox Communications
Atlanta, GA

"As I work with 48in48, I find fulfillment in leveraging innovation and my networks to fuel positive change, knowing that every website created contributes to a brighter tomorrow."


Jeff Hilimire

Co-Founder 48in48
CEO & Co-Founder Purpose Group

Jeff is an author, entrepreneur, and a father of five.
"48in48 is unique in that our volunteers get to use their skills - their superpowers! - to do good in the world. Come and join us so you can do more good in the world using YOUR unique gifts!"


Bharat Parthasarathy

Senior Director, Slalom

"I serve on nonprofit boards in the City of Atlanta to bring the promise of the City - and its civic and cultural life - to all children, families, and residents. 48 in 48 helps build the capacity of these nonprofits to support these efforts.”


Adam Walker

Co-Founder 48in48

"I love to help people use their professional skills for good."


Ken Bernhardt

Regents Professor of Marketing Emeritus
Georgia State University

"I serve on nonprofit boards because it is a way for me to use my professional skills to give back and support important causes that I am passionate about. 48 in 48 is a great example of this."


Serena Levy

Vice President of Corporate Responsibility
Southern Company Gas

“48in48 leverages a broad network of experts to create the right digital marketing tools essential for non-profit organizations to effectively build awareness and fundraise to support their mission. I support 48in48 because I believe in the collective good that comes when we all work together to make an impact in our community.”


Kashi Sehgal


"I support 48in48 because it embodies the power of unity and the spirit of collective action. It is a community of passionate individuals, each contributing their unique skills and talents, coming together to create meaningful impact where nonprofits are empowered and a ripple effect of positive change is created."


Jason Beckman

Technology Executive State Farm

"I’m excited to be a part of 48in48 in support of their mission to bring together people with unique skills and experiences to help nonprofits grow!  We can create a powerful force for positive change by rallying volunteers, businesses, and non-profits together to deliver new digital solutions and marketing."

Advisory Committee

The 48in48 Advisory Committee provides invaluable guidance and expertise to our organization. These industry leaders, subject matter experts, and passionate advocates for social change, play a vital role in supporting our strategies, programs, and initiatives. Their collective wisdom, insights, and network connections help us ensure that our efforts are aligned with the evolving needs of corporations, nonprofits and the communities they serve. We are grateful for their dedicated support of our mission.


Jo Ann Herold

Global CMO


Julie Bowerman

Kellogg Company


Tad Hutcheson

Delta Air Lines


Mike Popowski

Dagger Agency


Moira Vetter

Modo Modo


Irma Shrivastava



Bobby Condon


Interested in getting involved?