We build websites for nonprofits, for free.

Teams of talented designers, developers, project managers and content writers come together and create amazing websites over just one weekend, in a buzzing conference-like environment.

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Volunteer to Build Websites

Join our passionate community of skilled volunteers who lend their expertise in building professional websites and providing digital marketing support for nonprofits. Make a meaningful impact by sharing your talents and helping organizations amplify their reach and influence. We are proud to host initiative-based events that focus on empowering women, promoting social justice, and fostering positive change globally.

Nonprofits - Request a Website

Are you a nonprofit in need of a new website? Submit your request and let our dedicated team of volunteer marketing and design professionals create a stunning online presence for your organization. Empower your mission with a professionally designed website that showcases your work and connects you with a wider audience.

Sponsor an Event

Engaging in 48in48's corporate sponsorship and volunteer opportunities goes beyond giving back; it fosters a deep sense of connection and camaraderie within your company. In fact, 81% of our volunteers report feeling a stronger bond with their company and colleagues after serving on a company team.

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How it works

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    Nonprofits from all over the world submit requests for new websites.

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    The 48in48 team collects requirements and assets from each nonprofit.

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    Skilled volunteers attend large build events hosted over a weekend.

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    At the end of the build event, the new websites go live!

Making A Difference

To date, 48in48 has empowered over 1,300 nonprofit organizations with free, professional websites, generating an astounding $33 million in value and savings to them. Through our events, we've witnessed organizations amplify their reach, increase their impact, and create lasting change in their communities. Join our movement and be part of the incredible success stories that have touched countless lives, creating a ripple effect that continues to impact local and global initiatives for years to come. Together, let's make a difference that transcends boundaries and shapes a brighter future.

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Together we've helped

Tonya Kelly

Empower our Youth Foundation

"The website provided us with new opportunities to encourage, engage and empower our community."

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Bee-Lian Quah

Associate Partner, IBM Consulting & IBM 48in48 Lead

"We love working with 48in48 for skills-based community service; it has also been a great experience for team building and networking opportunities!"




"48in48 is accessible to all ages, highschool, college and professionals. It is a safe space to learn and get things done."


Upcoming Events

Get involved! We host multiple build events annually. All events are hybrid - if you can’t make it in person we’d love to have you join virtually!

Social Justice Event

  • June 28 - 30, 2024

  • TBD

  • Registration Deadline June 7th

The Social Justice Event uplifts nonprofits fighting for diversity, equity, and inclusion, driving social justice initiatives and creating a more equitable society.


Global Build Event

  • October 4 - 6, 2024

  • Cox Atlanta

  • Registration Deadline September 13th


Women's Build Event

  • April, 2025


  • Registration Deadline March 2025


Check out our events roadmap for full details.

Sponsors & Partners

At 48in48, we are incredibly proud and grateful for the unwavering support of our sponsors and partners. Their generous philanthropic activities have been instrumental in our mission to empower nonprofit organizations. From event hosting to media and technology services, their invaluable support has enabled us to do what we do best: provide free, professionally designed and developed websites that amplify the causes of all nonprofits. We extend our deepest gratitude to our past and present sponsors and partners for their unwavering commitment and contribution to making a lasting impact in communities worldwide.

Interested in sponsoring a future event? Head on over to the sponsor hub to see how you can help!