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Nonprofit Support

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The Nonprofit Process

1. Apply

The first step is to apply for a website. The application takes about 15 minutes. You’ll fill out information like your mission statement, address, contact information, and legal nonprofit status (501(c)(3)).

2. Complete Coursework

If you’re accepted, you’ll do about 10 hours of prep work before the event. We call this “coursework.” Your coursework is divided into three modules: Branding/Mission, DNS setup, and Page Content. You are required to complete all your coursework three weeks before your website will be built. Slots for the event are given by coursework completion date. Since event openings for nonprofits may fill up before the event deadline, we encourage you to complete all three modules as quickly as possible to avoid getting bumped to the next event.

3. Meet Project Manager

As the event gets closer (and after you’ve completed your coursework), you'll be matched with your project manager. This person will explain next steps and answer your questions. They’ll also guide you through the build weekend.

4. Build Weekend

Over the course of a weekend, your professional marketing team will build your website using the materials you provide during your coursework and with your input. That’s why it’s so important to take your time and fill out your coursework completely and accurately.

5. Approve

At the end of the weekend, you’ll have a chance to ask your team for any needed revisions. Once you approve, we’ll take the website “live,” meaning others will be able to see and interact with it.

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