Nonprofit Spotlight: Camp Exposure

We are excited to feature Camp Exposure! They are operating out of Dallas, Texas and are doing great work for student-athletes to ensure they find success both on and off the field.

What is Camp Exposure? 

Camp Exposure is a 501c3 Nonprofit founded by Tyler Patmon. Camp Exposure focuses on helping athletes find their “identity, purpose, and value beyond the game” as well as to “help them recognize their personal talents and help them turn that into a career”. Tyler, who is a self described student-athlete himself, spent 5 years playing in the NFL. Tyler started Camp Exposure after seeing first hand how athletes can lose focus after having something that was such a huge portion of their life, for most of their life, go missing. Once athletes careers come to an end one way or another, they can be left feeling lost and without direction. Camp Exposure started as a passion project to help prepare athletes so that they do not have that experience.

They seek to help young athletes grow into the best versions of themselves, focusing on their seven pillars to create a well rounded approach to development. Their seven pillars are Identity, Mental & Spiritual Health, Nutrition, Relationship Skills, Professional Development, and Financial Literacy. Camp Exposure runs an Academy of 100 student athletes that meets monthly, as well as hosting a three day educational camp where they provide holistic athletic coaching and education in skills that line up with their pillars. If you are interested in their mission and want to volunteer, you can do so here. If you know someone who is interested in signing up for their academy or events you can learn more here.

48in48 in the Picture

Camp Exposure participated in the 2022 Global Build Event. They were impressed with the work 48in48 was doing. Tyler said that he saw 48in48 as addressing one of the main problems that Nonprofits face – having a way to tell their story that is professional and allows anyone who visits their website to be take them seriously.

Get Involved!

Check out Camp Exposure at their new website, consider donating to support their important cause, and follow Camp Exposure on Twitter or Facebook to learn more.

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