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Casa Materna Midwives and Nurses with a newborn

Nonprofit Spotlight: Casa Materna

Sep 1, 2020

It’s incredible to think how our world has faced the COVID-19 pandemic for roughly half a year now. With these changes, nonprofits have adapted quickly based on limited resources while still serving people in immediate need. As a provider of medical care to new mothers in a local Guatemalan community, Casa Materna is one of…

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48in48 Volunteer Spotlight: Mike Richards

Aug 31, 2020

Who is Mike Richards?  From Bloomington, Illinois, Mike Richards is a jack of all trades. Working within hospitality and social media management, Mike is someone who is determined to reach a larger community. His most recent position is with Epiphany Hospitality Group, a large scale farm to table operation. His involvement with 48in48 started about…

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Emily and the 48in48 Team

48in48 Volunteer Spotlight: Emily Schneider

Aug 5, 2020

Who is Emily Schneider? Local to Bloomington Illinois, Emily Schneider works as a determined and organized Scrum Master for State Farm. However, she is more than that. She is a mother, an upbeat individual, and one of 48in48’s most dedicated volunteers. Starting as a volunteer five years ago, Emily has become one of the most…

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Erica Wright in the van

Nonprofit Spotlight: Project U First

Jul 21, 2020

Have you ever talked to someone you have never met, then walked away from the conversation inspired and motivated, with a huge smile on your face for the rest of the day? That’s what talking to Erica Wright, Founder of Project U First is like. She shared her story with me this week, and now I’m…

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Endangered Nonprofit Coalition

Endangered Nonprofit Coalition launches to drive awareness and financial support

Jul 19, 2020

At 48in48, we learned about the Endangered Nonprofit Coalition and want you to learn more about this important cause, too. Please share the information with a Nonprofit leader today. As many of you know, the effects of COVID-19 have been incredibly difficult for nonprofits, and could still get worse, with potentially devastating effects for the…

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Denise Hanft

48in48 Volunteer Spotlight: Denise Hanft

Jul 12, 2020

Who is Denise? Denise Hanft is a Digital Marketing Manager at Dalet Digital Media Systems, and she’s been volunteering for 48in48 since 2016. She has volunteered at five live or virtual weekend events + coached during the most recent IBM virtual event weekend…now that’s dedication. And she’s clearly talented too – her team websites have…

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Volunteer Tejas Jani

48in48 Volunteer Spotlight: Tejas Jani

Jun 17, 2020

Who is Tejas? Tejas Jani is a 16-year employee of State Farm in Bloomington, Illinois. He’s had many roles at State Farm over the years, leading to his current position as a Software Developer for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. What makes Tejas unique as a 48in48 volunteer? Though we’re a diverse organization with all…

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Nishanth Kadiyala

48in48 May Volunteer Spotlight: Nishanth Kadiyala

May 11, 2020

Where does a desire to give back come from? Our May 2020 Volunteer Spotlight is on Nishanth Kadiyala, Lead Product Manager at AT&T in Dallas, Texas. Nishanth is originally from India, where he volunteered/taught at a local school serving under-privileged children, building his desire to give back. Once he moved to the U.S., he had…

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Denise and 48in48 Team

Talking with an Atlanta Volunteer, Denise Denson

Apr 11, 2020

We recently spoke with Denise Denson, Producer / Editor / Project Manager at The Weather Company, an IBM Business, to ask her some questions about her volunteer experience with 48in48. Denise first heard about 48in48 from a female friend (aren’t our girlfriends always the sources for the best info?) and decided to participate in a…

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