Nonprofit Spotlight: Able Mindset

We are excited to feature Able Mindset! They participated in our 2023 Women’s Build Event. They are operating out of Texas and are doing great work connecting people living with disabilities to support one another and find a creative outlet.

What is Able Mindset?

Able Mindset is a Nonprofit Organization geared toward assisting individuals with disabilities to express themselves through creative arts. They provide educational programming, resources, and support services that empower people of all abilities to engage in the arts. Their mission is to create an inclusive society where people of all abilities are able to participate in the arts and to empower them to overcome obstacles in their daily lives. Their programs are designed to be inclusive and accessible and are open to people of all ages and abilities.

Able Mindset was founded in December of 2020 by Addis Gonte. Addis himself is in a wheelchair and suffers short term memory loss as a result of a 2008 accident. Addis not only has not let his circumstances stop him from reaching incredible achievement, he was also inspired to help others going through similar problems.

Addis commented that Able Mindset has grown much more than he ever could have imagined. They started with supporting wheelchair users but have since expanded to help those with vision impairments and brain injuries. When asked about his favorite part about his journey with Able Mindset, Addis said that helping people learn and hearing their testimonials has been incredible. He continued to say that seeing the motivation of the people they were working with, in turn was a strong motivation for Addis personally, and pushed him to expand and pour even more into Able Mindset.

Able Mindset is hosting an exhibition game during the the Ethiopian Soccer National Tournament in Dallas in July. The exhibition game will feature pro amputee soccer players.

Get Involved!

Check out Able Mindset at their new website, consider donating to support their important cause, and follow Able Mindset on Instagram or Facebook to learn more.

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