48in48 Nonprofit Spotlight: Learning in Color

How Learning in Color started When Founder and CEO Carol Bowman first started Learning in Color seven years ago, she had gotten the idea from working as a teacher with special needs. Her background coming from psychology, she had done plenty of research on color’s impact on learning. “I asked myself, why aren’t we being…

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48in48 Volunteer Spotlight: Sara Loretta

Meet Sara! Though Sara Loretta joined as a 48in48 volunteer a mere year ago, she has already taken on some transformative roles at the organization. When a friend of hers at IBM posted about 48in48’s need for more volunteers, she decided to get involved. She initially dove in as a team coach, then did everything…

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Nonprofit Spotlight: FACTS to Thrive

Diverse aspirations under one roof A few years ago, Tamiko Leverette, a teacher, began to talk with family and friends about their unique volunteer values and aspirations in their communities. One friend wanted to teach CPR to teachers. Another wanted to focus more on adult literacy. Tamiko herself had taught classes at Goodwill in financial…

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48in48 Nonprofit Spotlight: Chicago Tap Dance Theatre

Mark Yonally Founder

Tapping through the Holiday I jumped on a Zoom call with Mark Yonally just before the holiday season to learn what Chicago Tap Theatre was up to after their 2020 Global Event website build. Mark, the founder of Chicago Tap Theatre, had just finished preparing for Chicago Tap Theatre’s upcoming Holiday Tap Party that was…

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48in48 Volunteer Spotlight: Emily Schneider

Emily and the 48in48 Team

Who is Emily Schneider? Local to Bloomington Illinois, Emily Schneider works as a determined and organized Scrum Master for State Farm. However, she is more than that. She is a mother, an upbeat individual, and one of 48in48’s most dedicated volunteers. Starting as a volunteer five years ago, Emily has become one of the most…

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