48in48 Volunteer Spotlight: Emily Schneider

Emily and the 48in48 TeamWho is Emily Schneider?

Local to Bloomington Illinois, Emily Schneider works as a determined and organized Scrum Master for State Farm. However, she is more than that. She is a mother, an upbeat individual, and one of 48in48’s most dedicated volunteers. Starting as a volunteer five years ago, Emily has become one of the most involved individuals within the 48in48 community. Her fun fact that she would like to share with everyone is that she has driven the most miles out of any volunteer. She told me, “I have driven from Illinois to Boston, Dallas, and Atlanta. I truly do have the most miles!”

How did Emily become interested in 48in48 and what is she up to now?

Emily was introduced to 48in48 through a friend about five years ago. Working on the digital team for State Farm, Emily was a perfect fit for one of our events. Emily participated in her first event in Atlanta and fell in love.  She then worked her way to be the Project Manager in Boston. Currently, she serves as a Program Director. , Emily’s responsibilities include program management, team building, volunteer training, and project management. She works alongside our executives and founders as she dominates her role at our in-person and now virtual events. Emily is the true definition of a passionate and motivated leader!

Why did Emily decide to volunteer?

According to Emily, she gets more out of a 48in48 event than just being the Program Director. Emily shares, “A lot of what I learned at 48in48 I have been able to bring over into my work. I really enjoy the people. You get to build relationships, travel, and spend a lot of time with others.” Emily enjoys creating a greater impact on other Nonprofits in and out of her own community. She is also known to bring her family and friends to tackle 48in48 events together! Emily doesn’t think she will be slowing down anytime soon and wants to continue to show people how awesome it is to feel the atmosphere and energy of building 48 websites in 48 hours.

Emily and her family


What would Emily tell someone who is on the fence about volunteering with 48in48?

With a go-getter attitude, Emily recommends that anyone interested in 48in48 should just do it. There is always something for everyone to do. From website development to proofreading, content overview, or even picking out images, there is a place for everyone. Even Emily’s 12-year-old daughter has come out to experience the excitement of a 48in48 event by selecting design and artistic elements for a site. Emily suggests that if you want to get the most out of your role, simply jump in and get your hands dirty. Speak with the Nonprofits. Build those relationships with your team. Ask questions. Emily mentions that there is a vast variety of opportunities to be trained prior to the event.

How does Emily feel about the new virtual events coming up?

Truthfully, Emily is a little hesitant about how the events will evolve in the era of COVID-19. However, she is confident that her team and other volunteers will be ready for the new virtual events. “The fact that 48in48 is willing to do this virtually so we can still help Nonprofits is incredible. It definitely is different, and it gives us challenges, but we have done a great job collaborating and coming up with new ways to work. It makes us super grateful that I am working with an organization that is working on new things.”


Just as Emily said, don’t be afraid to volunteer and just do it. Volunteer with 48in48 here!