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Adam Binkley - 48in48 volunteer

48in48 Volunteer Spotlight: Adam Binkley

May 19, 2021

Who is Adam? Adam Binkley is a digital marketing strategist at the Swarm Agency in Atlanta where he leads digital and campaign strategy development that is goal driven.  Throughout his career he’s also developed subject matter expertise for email marketing strategy, and we’re thrilled that he brings this knowledge and experience to his work at…

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48in48 Nonprofit Spotlight: Let’s Be Selfless

May 13, 2021

What is Let’s Be Selfless all about? Layla is not your typical 9-year-old – that was clear right away. With the support of her family, Layla founded the Nonprofit Let’s Be Selfless with a mission to show people that you’re never too young to make a difference, and you can do anything! Layla started with…

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Wonder Woman Invisible Jet

Volunteer Spotlight: The 48in48 Women!

Mar 9, 2021

Powered by Women When determining which volunteer 48in48 should spotlight this month of March, also known as Women’s History Month, we decided it would be fun to choose some (not nearly all!) of our strong female volunteers who dedicate time and energy to 48in48 year-round. And so, we present to you some of The 48in48…

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48in48 Nonprofit Spotlight: WE:ARE

Mar 8, 2021

Who is WE:ARE? I got the opportunity to speak with Jo Willis recently about WE:ARE Women’s Empowerment And Recovery Educators.  A nonprofit organization based in Birmingham, England, WE:ARE serves women who have experienced domestic violence by giving them the tools and community to work through their experience in order to live a free life. Jo…

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Love Your Ears

48in48 Nonprofit Spotlight: Noise Abatement Society

Feb 13, 2021

What exactly is the Noise Abatement Society? In 1959 John Connell OBE founded the Noise Abatement Society (NAS) in the United Kingdom to solve noise pollution problems for the public benefit. He led the charge to lobby the Noise Abatement Act through the UK Parliament in 1960, making the UK one of the only countries…

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48in48 Volunteer Spotlight: Phil Robertson

Jan 27, 2021

WHO IS PHIL? Phil is results-driven professional at IBM with extensive project management experience within the web and digital technology environments. Prior to acting as Project Manager on the IBM Customer Marketing team, Phil has also served as Project Management Officer (PMO) performing compliance checks within Credit Suisse, Project Manager with BCBSNC managing Cloud Migration…

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Mark Yonally Founder

48in48 Nonprofit Spotlight: Chicago Tap Dance Theatre

Jan 16, 2021

Tapping through the Holiday I jumped on a Zoom call with Mark Yonally just before the holiday season to learn what Chicago Tap Theatre was up to after their 2020 Global Event website build. Mark, the founder of Chicago Tap Theatre, had just finished preparing for Chicago Tap Theatre’s upcoming Holiday Tap Party that was…

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48in48 Nonprofit Spotlight: 2LIVE Daily

Dec 1, 2020

A Fearless Leader When I hopped on a Zoom call with Debbie Carter this evening, I learned she had just finished her workday with her life coach business. From there she had made the mental switch to tell me about her separate nonprofit called 2LIVE Daily. If the superhuman status of running both a business…

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Bret Phillips - 48in48 Volunteer

48in48 Volunteer Spotlight: Bret Phillips

Nov 30, 2020

Who is Bret? Bret Phillips is a Digital Strategist at WebDevStudios, where he works with clients at the beginning of their project to establish a vision for their website, ensuring that the site they build will achieve the client’s core business goals. Bret’s knowledge about building solid websites starts at the very beginning of the…

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