Volunteer Spotlight: Rachelle Kuramoto

“In 2015, I had the great good fortune of being involved in 48in48, helping with messaging and content. I do a lot of volunteer work, and have never seen such an exponential impact as was made during this endeavor. The ~150 volunteers were graced by being able to help in such a specific and immediate way, and the non-profits gained the tools they needed to draw more aid and serve more people. It was a total good-goes-round thing.”
Rachelle Kuramoto, Principal, Watchword Brand
In 2016, we welcome back Rachelle and her company, Watchword Brand to 48in48ATL.  We want to thank Rachelle for her support for this mission through volunteerism, making a significant impact in the community using her professionals talents. THIS is what 48in48 is all about!


If you are interested in volunteering for 48in48, please register here: