Sponsor Spotlight: Geoff Wilson, President & Founder of 352 Inc.

Thank you, Geoff Wilson and 352 Inc. for returning to #48in48ATL!

Geoff Wilson Headshot Wide48in48: Why is 352 returning to 48in48 in 2016?
Wilson: As a digital agency, it’s rare to find an opportunity where you can help non-profits by performing your own craft, and it’s especially rare to be able to help 48 non-profits in one weekend. When I heard the concept of 48in48, I was immediately sold, because I saw it as a tremendous way for our team to give back to the community through our passion for great web design, development and marketing. We were happy to participate last year and we’re even happier to return this year.

48in48: What is the benefit to 352 employees participating in 48in48?
Wilson: The energy of being able to help so many non-profits in such a short period of time, combined with the energy of the community support in and around the event, is great. Our employees want to be part of it.

48in48: Why is 48in48 an important cause?
Wilson: Like all other organizations, non-profits need to have a good image. They have to market and sell themselves just like any other business does. Their audience may be a little different, but the importance of a great brand and website remains. This event allows a ton of excellent non-profits to get a major upgrade to their brand and web presence.

48in48: On a personal level, why are you involved with 48in48?
Wilson: In addition to supporting the mission, I wanted to support the founders of the event and the community they have formed. Jeff Hilimire and Adam Walker did a wonderful job of putting the event together, and they were supported by others like Joe Koufman who I also greatly respect. It’s a tremendous team and they are doing great things for the community.

48in48: What would you say to any other company wanting to get involved with 48in48?
Wilson: Do it! Sponsor and participate as well. The participation aspect is important. It’s a fun and rewarding event.