48in48’s Impact in Atlanta and New York

Our volunteers, sponsors, and partners came together from October 12-14, 2018, in New York and Atlanta to help the helpers in their communities. After 48 hours of hard work and collaboration, their dedication resulted in a huge impact for participating nonprofits.


At A Glance

500 volunteers working together in Atlanta and New York

$3 million value in digital marketing and web services for nonprofits in Atlanta and New York

49 newsletter designs for nonprofits in Atlanta

33 high school students from LexisNexis & TAG-Ed helping in Atlanta


Website Results

Every website produced at 48in48 makes a huge difference for the nonprofit and their initiatives. Take a look at a few of the websites produced during the Atlanta and New York events.

Atlanta Event

New York Event


Participant Feedback

48in48 is not just a nonprofit but also an opportunity for professionals and nonprofits to come together, network, build new relationships, and share ideas. Throughout the weekend we love gathering stories from all of our attendees. Here are a few that really captured the experiences.


“We provide services to homeless women in Dekalb County and the city of Atlanta. The board and I had been talking about updating our website. Rebuilding the website is costly, so we were looking for options. We found 48in48, and we thought it was a great option for us.”

-Tasho Wesley, Executive Director of Rebecca’s Tent Shelter


“Incredible Credible Messengers is an organization to support returning citizens and their families through trauma. It means a great deal to me because I am one of them. I am a returning citizen. I am formerly incarcerated. I am the people that I serve, as are the other people in my organization. We want to ensure that we’re saving these people’s lives. 48in48 is a lifesaver. They are part of the web of support that helps people like us and helps the people that we need to make the world a better place.”

– Tyisha Jackson, Incredible Credible Messengers Inc.


“I hope you understand what an amazing contribution you made to our community. Each nonprofit can better do their work because of you. Please know the community greatly appreciates all you have done this weekend!”

-Ann W Cramer


“48in48 gives me the opportunity to give back to the community by giving back to nonprofits. Originally when I signed up, I knew it would be hard work. But it turns out giving back to the community is also really fun. You get to meet a lot of people. It was a great time.”

– Charlie, Chattahoochee High School student and 48in48 Atlanta volunteer


“At 48in48 I liked that I was helping to benefit my community. Working with professionals gave us the information and experience that we needed in order to continue our careers in the STEM field.”

– Luna, Parkview High School student and 48in48 Atlanta volunteer


“We give and we volunteer because we are difference makers. Always give it your all!”

-Ovie Mughelli, former Atlanta Falcon and Gridiron Green Comics Founder, closing speaker for 48in48 Atlanta


Get Involved

We have one 48in48 event left for 2018 in London. November 2-4, 2018 48in48 is traveling across the pond for the inaugural London event at IBM iX in South Bank. If you are interested in participating or know someone who might be interested, it’s not too late. Learn more.


We are already taking volunteers for the 2019 events. You can learn how to get involved and recommend a nonprofit who could benefit from a new website at


If you could benefit from working with dedicated digital marketing and website professionals or are looking for ways to help your community on a larger scale, we have opportunities for brands and companies to get involved year-round. Contact Carole Williams to learn more [email protected].