What is a Social Entrepreneur? (Hint. It’s you.)

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“From education to inclusion, social entrepreneurs use market forces to build better societies.”

Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship


Social entrepreneurs drive community innovation and transformation. They pursue community improvement goals with creative zeal, business methodologies, financial backing, and the courage to innovate. Bringing together all of this passion, stewardship, and intelligence, these people build strong organizations that make communities better.

Working together as a group, social entrepreneurs do many things in the effort to contribute meaningfully to improve communities:

  • Create and execute practical plans that engage market forces to create lasting positive change
  • Break away from traditional constraints like ideology, politics, or economic forces, to take risks, and to measure impact honestly
  • Combine the right skill sets to work toward a complete solution
  • Be an example for others about creative ways to serve
  • Maximize every donation and steward resources well so the effort is measurably positive for everyone involved
  • Provide a gateway for ongoing community service and nurture a community of volunteerism and a service mindset

48in48 is a Model of Social Entrepreneurialism

Everyone who is a part of the organization is a social entrepreneur. Together, we have already accomplished large-scale, systemic, sustainable social change in Atlanta, New York, Boston, Bloomington, Research Triangle, Minneapolis, and beyond – because the nonprofits we support are also making a broad positive impact on others. We are a global catalyst for building social, economic, and community value through marketing and technology volunteerism.

48in48 is a unique forum for service-minded people. Every one of our 48in48 social entrepreneurs helps the helpers. As volunteers, these inspired, empowered, talented individuals combine their unique professional skills and ideas to make a powerful, positive impact. We equip nonprofits and charities at the local level to extend their impact. You may have a specific role as a WordPress expert, a designer, or a content specialist, but you’re part of something bigger.

You’re part of a movement creating transformative community impact. If you want to get involved and do even more, go here now.