48in48 Nonprofit Highlight (Mother’s Day)

Saving Mothers

Isa Cuervo


No woman should die giving life. And yet, every year, more than 300,000 women and girls die from complications of pregnancy and childbirth. That equates to one mother dying every two minutes.

In particular, mothers in developing nations are 43 times more likely to die during childbirth than mothers in countries with ample resources and healthcare, largely due to the fact that 90% of women in low-resource areas deliver outside of a hospital setting. And yet, at last measure, the United States – one of the wealthiest nations in the world, and one where maternal hospitals and the transportation to get to them – ranks 46th globally for maternal mortality rate.

The answer to this crisis seems clear. The vast majority of these deaths are due to lack of access to basic sexual and reproductive health care. Low-cost interventions could prevent 75% of these deaths.

48in48 recipient nonprofit Saving Mothers is living up to its name. The organization is working to eradicate preventable maternal deaths and birth-related complications in low-resource settings.

“48in48 made an invaluable contribution to our cause. They provided us with a brand new website that helps to better communicate our mission and progress to our supporters and partners.” – Isa Cuervo

How Saving Mothers Makes a Positive ImpactIn 2009, Dr. Tara Shirazian, an Obstetrician/Gynecologist founded the 501(c)(3) nonprofit after seeing the heartbreaking realities created by inequalities in maternal health care.

Today, the organization is comprised of doctors and allied professionals who share Dr. Shirazian’s insistence on valuing all women’s lives equally, regardless of their location or ability to pay.

Today, the organization works with country governments and local organizations to improve maternal health care and reduce the rate of maternal deaths in resource-limited settings. They do that by customizing innovative, evidence-based programming to meet specific needs in each community and delivering biomedical technologies where they are most needed.

Their low-cost, high-impact solutions include:

  • Proprietary Safe Birth Kits that prevent infection during delivery
  • Post-partum hemorrhage kits to treat birth complications
  • Birth attendant (PowHer) kits with tools to facilitate prenatal care visits
  • A multi-phase Maternal Continuum of Care program offering facility-based pre- and post-natal care to women in underserved communities of West Pokot, Kenya
  • Family-Centered Family Planning that provides free post-partum IUD placement for women who deliver at the hospital in West Pokot, Kenya, helping to widen the birth spacing
  • Surgical outreach and provider training programs for traditional birth attendants including ultrasound technicians, nurses, anesthesiologists and surgeons
  • Pro bono surgeries for fistula and incontinence while doing provider training

Even when the team is not on the ground in these areas, the Saving Mothers team provides consultations and training of healthcare providers via Telemedicine. With this variety of innovative, impactful efforts, they are rebuilding and strengthening entire generations and communities.

Involving Others in Supporting the Cause

Saving Mothers knows that giving back can take many forms. Throughout the year, they offer ideas for independent fundraising projects like Lunch & Learn, Kit Packing, Saving Mothers Beaded Bracelet Sale, Bake Sales, Saving through Fitness Events (i.e. cycling and yoga), Knitting Hats & Blankets, Baby Showers, Book Clubs, Wine & Paint Parties, and Zog Sports’ teams.

Seasonally, the nonprofit has opportunities like a fall fundraiser in October and an official NYC marathon charity team.

Appropriately, Mothers Day is the biggest fundraising holiday of the year. The organization hosts an online safe birth kit fundraiser to give community members a wonderful way to show gratitude to the maternal figures in their lives by donating a Safe Birth Kit in their honor.

There’s no better time than now to support this wonderful 48in48 recipient organization. Find out how by checking out the Saving Mothers donation page.