48in48 Nonprofit Highlight (Father’s Day)

Raising Awareness of Sudden Cardiac Arrest & Saving Lives


This month, in honor of Father’s Day, we highlight one of 48in48’s Nonprofit Grant Recipients, Pat’s Heart. The nonprofit was started by Patrick (Pat) Spinks, a dad who fell victim to Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) while jogging with his son. Pat survived. After emerging from a four-day medically induced coma, he started the nonprofit to save others’ lives.

The mission of Pat’s Heart is to raise awareness about SCA and save lives. They do that by providing education about how prevention readiness through CPR training and the availability of Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) can save lives. To date, Pat’s Heart has provided compression-only CPR training to more than 1500 individuals. They also have performed EKG’s on over 1000 people and donated 16 AEDs into local communities as part of a Pay it Forward program.

Prior to Pat’s Heart being selected by 48in48, we struggled with creating a professional and impactful website.  We struggled with finding the right layout and flow. I would say one of the highlights was the prep work that was required prior to the event.  The questionnaire that really makes you focus on the purpose of the organization, The simple value statement that sums up what you do.


How you can get involved

Pat’s Heart is looking for organizations such as churches, sporting venues, local parks, and police departments to co-host an event.  The organization provides compression-only CPR training, EKG’s and a blood drive. In return, the host receives an AED to be used in their facility.  They ask the host to advertise into the community and draw attendance. Their largest event had approximately 500 participants.

Patrick Spinks said, “Our first AED was in the right time at the right place in 2018. We made have made a difference!”

Visit to get involved and save lives!