5 Years of Awesome: State Farm Growth Story

In 2015, State Farm had a single enthusiastic volunteer. This volunteer loved his experience so much that he went back to work at State Farm and worked to increase his company’s involvement in the 48in48 cause. Thanks to his efforts, State Farm provided a basic small sponsorship in 2016 to go with this dedicated sole volunteer. 

Here’s where the story ramps up! In 2017, a large team of State Farm volunteers participated in the Atlanta event and the company also committed to a bigger sponsorship to increase their impact. The word spread around the State Farm offices and by 2018 they had a global team that was participating in two cities. In Atlanta, they had an even bigger sponsorship and provided a team of 50 volunteers – that’s a 5000% increase in volunteers in just two years for Atlanta! In addition to that impressive increased Atlanta commitment, the company put on a full State Farm-hosted 48in48 event in Bloomington, Illinois with approximately 200 company volunteers. 

And now in 2019, State Farm is back with a national team. They already have sponsored and sent a large volunteer team to the January 2019 48in48 Super Service event that took place during Super Bowl weekend in Atlanta. They are sponsoring the October’s events in Atlanta and Dallas, sending volunteer teams to participate at both. 

Taking things from a single volunteer to providing global sponsorships, hosting events and providing hundreds of volunteers? Yes, that’s State Farm who is “Here to Help Life Go Right,” and we appreciate their enthusiastic participants so very much. We couldn’t do it without you!