5 Years of Awesome: Delta Air Lines’ 48in48 Growth Story

Delta Air Lines’ 48in48 story is one that shows commitment on the company’s part to provide the level of critical corporate financial backing that allows the organization to continue helping the rapidly growing ranks of nonprofits with updated websites and marketing/technology training. In 2015, Delta provided a single sponsorship in Atlanta, their headquarters and hometown. By 2016, the company doubled its support to two cities. In 2017, they became the Global Presenting Sponsor, participating in four cities. Their Global Presenting Sponsorship commitment increased to five cities in 2018. And in 2019? Yes, you guessed it – they are Global Presenting Sponsor to six events! 

The volunteer and sponsorship commitment Delta has shown from the start is a vital part of the success story for 48in48 and the nonprofits and volunteers we empower. We are so grateful for their support and participation. And that’s not all for Delta – while increasing their sponsorship over the five years, they also have ramped up their overall participation by providing an increasing number of volunteers each year. They’ve also provided judges for each event. “Keep climbing,” Delta! We’ll keep climbing with you.