48in48 Nonprofit Highlight (Earth Day)

Each year, Earth Day offers a chance to recommit to doing our part to care for our planet. That’s something Trellis Horticultural Therapy Alliance does all throughout the year. We met this wonderful nonprofit during the Atlanta Super Service event in January 2019. A resource to grow and sustain horticultural therapy and accessible gardening programs, the organization is making Metro Atlanta a greener, happier place, one flower at a time.

Gardening is a healthy leisure activity through which everyone, regardless of ability, can improve physical and mental well-being and socialization. Particularly for individuals with physical, mental, cognitive and emotional challenges, horticultural therapy is a proven, powerful way to improve lives.

Trellis came to 48in48 to learn more about using digital marketing and technology to fuel its impact in the community. Through their participation in the Super Service event, they gained a new website as well as social media and marketing resources and capabilities. The impact has been swift and positive.

“Just since January, our website traffic has improved and we have increased the number of volunteer submissions through the contact form on our website! Spring has barely started and we’re already seeing our impact on volunteers and the Atlanta community grow,” said Rachel Cochran, Co-Founder of Trellis.

This Earth Day (date), take the opportunity to get your hands dirty for a good cause. Trellis welcomes volunteers of every level who enjoy gardening and interacting with others over a mound of dirt.

If you don’t have a green thumb (or if all that gardening makes you hungry), Trellis welcomes you to join one of its several dine-out fundraisers this spring! Visit the Trellis Horticultural Therapy Alliance website at for more information about the organization, fun opportunities, and volunteer registration. You can also check out their Facebook page for up-to-date news and events.