What’s behind our “Thank you”

What’s behind our “Thank you”…

I once heard that it takes seven times receiving the words “thank you” before feeling truly appreciated. Not sure that if someone rattles off 7 thank yous, that it would feel authentic, but personally, I get the idea. I’m a sucker for a bit extra effort, myself, like a thank you card #ProSnailMail #ProCuteCards

With a background in nonprofit, I take the “7-ThankYou” statistic to heart and enforce the idea when communicating with volunteers and donors. Early on in my career, I learned the hard way that it’s easy to get blinded by my own workload, push volunteer appreciation aside, and the ill effect it has on your mission. I learned quickly how crucial it is not to lose sight of the value of dedicated and passionate volunteers. From event-day volunteers as energizers and doers of the nitty gritty, to planning committees with the heart and the professional skills, to board members with strategy and resources, all are there because they care and all have a relevant and meaningful purpose that make a nonprofit thrive! We literally couldn’t do it without you, volunteers!

We need your enthusiasm! We need your time! We need your expertise! We need you to make 48in48 happen.

With that said, THANK YOU 48in48 volunteers! See you in October for #48in48ATL and November for 48in48NYC!

In the comments, please share some ideas and ways you’ve been been shown appreciation as a volunteer! Thanks 😉