Volunteer Spotlight: Carey Hardy

Let’s Meet Carey

A long-time digital marketer, Carey Hardy “checked in” to hospitality marketing when she realized that she could incorporate her passion for travel into her job.  Carey currently works for IHG Hotels & Resorts as a Sr. Manager where she leads marketing strategy and implementation for new hotel openings in the U.S. as a part of IHG’s Field Marketing team.  Carey earned a BA in Psychology at Georgia State University and followed that up with a MBA in Marketing at Georgia State’s Robinson College of Business in Atlanta. 

Volunteering for 48in48

Carey chose to volunteer at 48in48 for the great opportunity to participate remotely in such a high-impact, short-term project.  It offered her the ability to leverage her marketing and social media skills to a project team building a site for Herd & Flock Animal Sanctuary. The pairing was serendipitous as Carey is passionate about animal rescue.  She participated as an individual volunteer and would strongly encourage joining a 48in48 build event as a great way to give back and help a non-profit through skill-based volunteerism. This was Carey’s first time volunteering and is looking forward to the next event where she hopes to be able to participate in person and really feed off the energy of her project.  And although her first experience was virtual, she found It to be a “great opportunity for me to polish off some of my old nonprofit skills (largely social media-based), to participate with like-minded people, and to know we were making a  large impact in a short amount of time.

Top 5 Reasons to volunteer at a 48in48 event?

  1. Make a big impact in a short amount of time 
  2. Volunteer doing something you’re good at doing 
  3. Work in a supportive, team-based environment 
  4. Meet new people, who are also committed to giving back 
  5. Support a highly-engaged nonprofit 

She would recommend attending the event in person, if possible, to interact with your own team and other volunteers, and to take advantage of the breaks and fun activities scheduled throughout the weekend which includes guest speakers, entertainment and education.  However, the hybrid approach is also an effective alternative for those that have concerns about Covid.

Q&A With Carrie

What’s your favorite ’90s jam?
Anything by Pavement or REM

What is one personality trait you simply have no time for?

Which do you prefer, logic or creativity?

You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why?
Tangerine: a little different (not your typical orange!) but still useful, and a sunny, happy color

What are you known for?
I hope it’s for being a good partner and teammate, for knowing you can count on me

We finish the interview and you step outside the office and find a lottery ticket that ends up winning $10 million. What would you do?
Oddly enough, I would build an animal rescue out in the woods on my 8 acres – so I enjoyed working with Herd & Flock 🙂

Interested to learn more and volunteer with us? Register here – we are registering now for our February event, and welcome new volunteers at any time of the year!