Talking with an Atlanta Volunteer, Denise Denson

We recently spoke with Denise Denson, Producer / Editor / Project Manager at The Weather Company, an IBM Business, to ask her some questions about her volunteer experience with 48in48. Denise first heard about 48in48 from a female friend (aren’t our girlfriends always the sources for the best info?) and decided to participate in a 48in48 weekend event. Being an employee at a

Denise Densontechnology company, she was used to the idea of hackathons – IBM has them all the time. These events typically focus mainly on coder or developer skill sets that she always felt a bit left out. With 48in48, she likes the fact that the events are very approachable – pretty much anyone can participate. She tells friends and colleagues, “no matter what your background is and what your skills are, you can help out!”

Denise also loves knowing that 48in48 is helping people across all communities, particularly the African American community. There’s inclusivity both in terms of the volunteers and the Nonprofits whose websites we build.

What is Denise most excited about? The sheer number of people you get to meet and network with. You may never come across some of these people otherwise, so you can broaden your world around you.

“You never know what other friendships, volunteer opportunities or business opportunities will come about.”

Thank you to Denise, and other volunteers like her. 48in48 could not succeed without our incredible and giving volunteers!

Denise and 48in48 Team