Super Service 2022 Recap

Kicking Off Our Year

On the first weekend of February, 48in48 hosted our Super Service event, another full virtual build event to kick off 2022. As a newer event in our lineup and one at the beginning of the year, we decided to target about half as many websites as we typically do in 48in48 events. We are thrilled to say that in the end, 29 sites were completed over the course of the weekend. Our volunteer force was, as always, a diverse one. We are proud to have hosted an event bringing together over 150 build volunteers from 15 countries, 30 US states, and over 80 companies. We hope you met some new faces, recognized some old ones, and most importantly felt your skills and hard work put to good use!

Event Activities

The weekend was a fun one. Beyond building beautiful sites, we had some great moments from our speakers, social sessions, and teams.

Our kickoff speaker, Corbin Bryant, sports administrator and former NFL athlete, led us into the weekend with a great opening on taking a deeper look at why we all show up as volunteers. Tonya Kelly from Empower Our Youth Foundation followed up, speaking to the profound effect her site, built by 48in48, has had on her organization. Thank you so much to both of our speakers for their time; their words were a fantastic kickoff to our weekend.

On Saturday morning, we hosted a Meet & Greet Session with a few of our nonprofits from the weekend, who spoke to our volunteers about their missions and work as organizations. It was great to see our nonprofits connecting directly to volunteers in between building the websites – thanks so much to all our speakers!

  • Miriam Arvinger – Support Black Colleges Cares
  • Lauren Coleman – GameChange
  • Sarah McDaniel – PFLAG Portland Chapter

Volunteer Support

Anyone who has stopped by a 48in48 event knows it is a huge team effort. The list of thank-yous could go on forever – that’s a good thing! Led by our Program Director, Emily Schneider, and our Event Project Managers Karla Rangel and Vickie Flaugher, over 40 volunteers worked together to pull off all the behind-the-scenes work that happens for each event.

We would never have been able to get our work done without the support of our core event teams – the Planning Committee, led by Daphne Saavedra and Karla Rangel, Accessibility and Technology both led by Adam Walker and Bret Phillips, QA led by Todd Chambers, and our post-event support volunteers led by Emily Schneider. To all our volunteers on those teams, your work is invaluable to our event. Thank you!

Thank you also to IBM – one of our sponsors for this event (and many previous) who contributed a huge amount of volunteer teams and leadership to this event. From supporting their EPM in creating and managing website teams, to sending half of our overall build teams, IBM was hugely important to the success of this event. We’re so grateful to have you all as a part of the 48in48 family!

A big shoutout is also due to one of our superstar volunteers, Sylvester Jackson, who pushed messaging in our Slack channels to gather photos and videos of the event. We got some great shots of everyone in their t-shirts – thanks to Sam Oesterreich for designing those for us and Danger Press for printing!

A Peek at the Sites

Each year, we host a small competition right before closing with a panel of judges, who, with build teams unknown to them, select 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners by comparing various before and after aspects of each site. Thanks to our judges, Dameon Pope (IBM), Ines Halloran (State Farm), Joe Koufman (Setup), and Michelle Kerr (IHG). Congratulations to all our winning teams – you created sites that were deemed beautiful and effective in design, use of space, and overall experience!

  • 1st place: “Sleepy Snowwomen” – Jenny Brown (PM), Beverly Hrablock, Deepti Boddapati, Jo Ann Hill, Kimberly Chang
    NP: Civics and Service International
  • 2nd place: Insight Global – Josiah Pombert (PM), Collin Taylor, Emmanuel Williams, Ian Albahae, Josh Mullis, Khanh Hoang, Mike Faber, Rahil Pirani
    NP: Canine Cell Mates
  • 3rd place : “Dream Team” – Daphne Saavedra (PM), Karen Gonzalez, Karla Rangel, Vickie Flaugher, Vikki Baptiste
    NP: Farm2Me
  • Honorable Mention: IBM Team D – Sunil Kulkarni (PM), Paresh Tripathy, Sandeep Sangvikar, Neha Ashok
    NP: Statement Junky
  • Honorable Mention: IBM Team K – Anthony Colucci (PM), Kelly Marion, Swathi Thota, Venkat Tadepalli
    NP: Ancestral Hands

Another Great Event!

We’re so glad we could host another virtual event with our 48in48 community. Thank you so much to everyone who contributed their time and their expertise to get these sites built for nonprofits across the country. If you were a returning volunteer, know we are so grateful for the continued support. If you were new, we hope we got you hooked! Our next event is April 8th-10th, our annual Women’s Build Event. Come celebrate the contributions of women to the tech industry and get some more sites built!