Spotlight on Sima Parekh, the new 48in48 Executive in Residence

48in48 would like to welcome Sima Parekh, who joins us as Executive in Residence to help with strategy and direction for fund raising and project management. Sima has been involved with 48in48 since its inception, volunteering as part of the BKV team in Year One and expanding her efforts in Year Two to lay the foundation for how program and project management run for the events today. Over the past few years her passion for the organization has grown, so she is excited for the opportunity. She’s inspired by the smart, motivated volunteers and their amazing selfless contributions. She says, “I see so much potential in the organization, and I think there is a lot that I can bring to help the team continue its fantastic work.” She loves using her skills to help so many people and organizations, and she feels truly rewarded when she sees the big smiles from non-profits and volunteers alike.

Who is Sima?

Sima Parekh

Sima Parekh, Executive in Residence

Born and raised in England, Sima came to the US, attended the University of Georgia and has now lived in Atlanta for more than 20 years. During her career, she has worked in various industries for both small and large companies, including web development shops, technology organizations and digital marketing agencies. Her problem-solving and relationship-building experience is a welcome addition to 48in48 as we continue to grow. She loves traveling and hanging out with her kids —  in fact, she’s gotten her sons on board to volunteer for 48in48 events in both Atlanta and Boston so far. Family time while volunteering to help non-profits — a true win-win for Sima and her family. If you want to get to know Sima better, ask her about her family or her shoe obsession!

Why is 48in48 excited?

The 48in48 team couldn’t be happier. Co-Founder Jeff Hillimire says, “Sima is one of the reasons that 48in48 exists. When Adam and I put on our first event in 2015, it was the passion and commitment from the volunteers that propelled us forward and allowed us to dream big. Sima is the epitome of that passion, and having her join the team is a major win for us, and for nonprofits around the world!” Co-Founder Adam Walker agrees, “Sima is an amazing person and professional. From the moment she got involved in 48in48 to now, she has been a dynamic force, helping nonprofits and raising the level of everyone around her. In using her professional skills for good, she has made a huge impact on so many nonprofits and people! We are thrilled to have her on our team.”

Please help us welcome Sima Parekh as the 48in48 Executive in Residence!