Nonprofits Get Free Headshots at Photo Day

48in48 Free Photo Day

Say cheese! Headshots show the world who the people are behind your organization. Many professionals take their headshots for granted. But most nonprofits lack the resources to take professional headshots that showcase their staff and volunteers. 48in48 Photo Day is a solution to that resource need, and we’re excited about the events in Atlanta, New York, and London.

At 48in48, we saw an opportunity to connect nonprofits with brilliant photographers who were willing to donate their time to take nonprofit volunteer and staff headshots.  

“It’s important that nonprofits have a professional image to support their causes and fundraising efforts. People connect with “you” not the name of your organization or just the cause you’re supporting. They want to put a face to the name and this is the perfect way to incorporate a professional persona.”

– Craig, Director of Sales and Marketing at the DVI Group

During recent Nonprofit Photo Days in Atlanta and New York City, generous local photographers and volunteers came out to provide professional headshots and give the nonprofits more information about 48in48 upcoming events.

“It gives them a chance to put their best face forward without the extra worries of finding a professional photographer.”

– Michael, NYC Volunteer and 48in48 Global Marketing Committee


Free Professional Headshots for London Nonprofits

London is up next! We are calling all London charities looking for professional headshots. Join us at Red Badger from 11:00 until 3:00 on July 25. Click here for more information and to grab your free photo time slot today!

“Please try to fit this into your busy schedule!  You will be glad you did when you see the photos on your new website!”

-Diane, 48in48 Volunteer

Everything we do at 48in48 is dedicated to being a global catalyst for marketing and technology volunteerism. We work with small nonprofits and charities at the local, national, and global levels to equip them to extend their impact. With the right resources – like great headshots and a well-made marketing website, these generous organizations can reach more donors and volunteers, improving their chance of realizing their vision.

Nonprofits can get all the benefits of a free website as well as digital marketing expertise and support at one of the upcoming 48in48 events:

Now’s the time to get registered or nominate a deserving nonprofit. Are you a digital marketing, content, or project management pro? Volunteer! Learn more and get involved at