Nonprofit Spotlight: Support Sports in Sierra Leone

We are excited to feature Support Sports in Sierra Leone! They participated in our 2024 Women’s Build Event. Support Sports in Sierra Leone provides youth in Sierra Leone with healthy activities, combats engagement in anti-social activities, addresses food insecurity issues faced by the participants, encourages the participants to pursue classroom education, and educates participants about important issues that affect them.

What is Support Sports in Sierra Leone?

Support Sports in Sierra Leone is an organization whose mission is to promote youth development in Sierra Leone by using sports to engage young people.

The organization was formed by a group of citizens of the United States who, after learning that their maternal or paternal ancestry was traced back to Sierra Leone, traveled to Sierra Leone to become dual citizens of Sierra Leone and the United States. The organization was formed to raise support for the development of Sierra Leone by investing in young people. The goal is to combine participation in sports with programs to enrich the lives of young people, address food insecurity, promote education, and teach civic responsibility and pride.

The people of the small West African country of Sierra Leone have centuries-old cultural, historical, and blood ties with the United States. The transfer of labor and technology from Sierra Leone to the southeastern region of North America during the Atlantic Slave Trade led to the rice production industry that created the wealth that much of the United States was founded on. The organization aims to serve as a vehicle to allow diasporan Sierra Leoneans in the United States, and members of the greater citizenry of the United States, to contribute to a country that has provided so much to the current United States.

Their mission is to use sports to engage underprivileged pre-teen, teen, and young adults in Sierra Leone and provide support to address the issues that affect them, such as:

  • Challenges to the pursuit of education
  • Food insecurity
  • Obstacles to participation in extracurricular activities
  • Lack of a spirit of civic responsibility and civic pride

Get Involved!

Check out Support Sports in Sierra Leone at their new website, consider donating to support their important cause, and follow Support Sports in Sierra Leone on Facebook and Instagram to learn more.

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