Everything A Nonprofit Needs to Know About 48in48

We are gearing up to build websites for 48 nonprofits in Atlanta, New York and London this Fall! Our dedicated volunteers spend a nonstop weekend building websites for these nonprofits because they want to give you something necessary and valuable for free.


What do nonprofits get from 48in48?

Professional services provided by industry experts to help nonprofits reach more volunteers, donors and stakeholder. Services include:

  1. Professionally built marketing websites where you keep your domain name (www.yournonprofit.org) but get an entirely new WordPress website
  2. Pre-event training to prepare for a website build
  3. Optional classes to coach Nonprofits in digital marketing
  4. Limited support both pre and post-event including 1 month of free web hosting


How can our nonprofits participate in 48in48?

Simply apply today here to get started. After your application is reviewed, we ask you to complete about 10 hours of coursework to help us get started with your website.


What does a 48in48 website entail?

A 48in48 website is a small marketing site built in 48 hours. We don’t build complex websites, including, but not limited to, large membership sites, integrations with a CRM like Salesforce, large e-commerce stores, ticket sales, etc.

48in48 websites are built to be purposeful and attractive.

We replace your old website to give your nonprofit a new website. We don’t work within your old website or edit old websites.

Your new 48in48 website is free, but you will need to pay someone to host and maintain your site. Chances are you are already doing this. You can host your website on our server for free for 30 days after the event. After that, you’ll need to pay hosting with us or with someone else.


When are the websites complete?

48in48 websites go live and are handed off within 24 hours of the event. At that point, the website is complete and all yours.

While the websites are complete, they may not be perfect. You may still want to update some text or photos. You will have full access to make these simple changes. However, you can have your marketing team help with this or even look into hiring the volunteer who built your new website.

After the 48 hours of the event, you will have a new website that is all your own. You will be proud to show your stakeholders the new website.


We already applied and are participating in 48in48 this year. What do we do next?

To build your new website, we ask nonprofits to contribute time and information. You have to complete about 10 hours of coursework. The coursework –

  1. Helps us ensure you get a website that fits your needs and
  2. Helps you prepare for your new website

The coursework is broken down into three steps:

Course 1: You will need to fill out the legal paperwork and help with logistics to get your new complete website after the 48 hour event.

Course 2: Collects information we need, so your new website will have the features and design you need and love.

Course 3: You need to provide the information and photos that you need and want in your website. We ask you to upload all of this to WordPress, which will help familiarize you with the platform.


What do nonprofits say about 48in48?

“We were thrilled with the volunteers that we were connected to. They were extremely knowledgeable, very patient, it was just kind of like a whirlwind experience, but I felt like I was in really great hands.”

Sagdrina Jalal | GA Farmers Market | Nonprofit Website Recipient


What do 48in48 websites look like?

All of our websites are beautifully built with the latest industry best practices. You can view some of the websites we have built in the past here: https://48in48.org/featured-sites/.

Our team is available and happy to answer any additional questions you have. We can’t wait to build your new website!

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