Endangered Nonprofit Coalition launches to drive awareness and financial support

Endangered Nonprofit Coalition

At 48in48, we learned about the Endangered Nonprofit Coalition and want you to learn more about this important cause, too. Please share the information with a Nonprofit leader today.

As many of you know, the effects of COVID-19 have been incredibly difficult for nonprofits, and could still get worse, with potentially devastating effects for the populations and issues they serve. Latest reports are estimating 1.6M nonprofits jobs have been lost—and we’re projecting for a $25B fundraising loss by the end of the year.

One of our partners, Media Cause, has created the Endangered Nonprofit Coalition (ENC) to help organizations who are at risk of being impacted by this massive decline in funding, and has reached out to 48in48 to spread the word. The ENC is both a creative campaign and a website designed to connect all nonprofits with individuals, corporations, and media partners in a joint effort to:

  1. raise awareness of the situation for the whole sector, and
  2. direct attention and funds to those who need help now and for the months to come.

It’s important to note that the ENC is not just about the immediate needs related to COVID. Rather, the goal is to uplift and support all organizations, regardless of sector, that rely on public and private funds to serve their communities, some of which have been under-resourced and suppressed for decades.

How does the Endangered Nonprofit Coalition work?

Any and all nonprofits can raise their hands to join the ENC. As part of this group, nonprofits will receive a campaign to leverage across their own channels, a construct to highlight what’s at risk for them with the massive drop in funding, and a platform to ask for financial help for the next several months as we move beyond the immediate crisis and into longer-term survival mode.

What are the benefits of joining the Coalition?

All nonprofits who join will receive:

  • A featured page on the Coalition website—building awareness for your organization
  • An opportunity to cultivate support from new individual donors
  • An entire campaign kit (social media and email graphics as well as messaging) to help promote the coalition on your own channels.
  • A network of nonprofits to collaborate and join forces with us.

The ENC is still in its early stages of awareness and participation, but the more organizations they’re able to connect with and bring into the effort, the greater the impact for everyone.

If you’re interested in joining the Coalition, you can submit your organization’s profile information here to be included on their site. (There’s no fee, and nothing else to do on your end right now once you submit.) The Coalition will be in touch over the coming weeks, and will let you know when they’re ready to launch more publicly so that you’re able to amplify their impact for your organization through additional content and promotion.

To learn more, or if you have any questions about the Coalition at all, please reach out to Taylor Cote at [email protected].