48in48 Nonprofit Spotlight: Let’s Be Selfless

What is Let’s Be Selfless all about?

Layla is not your typical 9-year-old – that was clear right away. With the support of her family, Layla founded the Nonprofit Let’s Be Selfless with a mission to show people that you’re never too young to make a difference, and you can do anything! Layla started with the idea of doing a toy drive for kids in the hospital, and that first year around Christmas of 2018, Let’s Be Selfless was born as Layla and her #SelflessSquad collected and donated over 700 toys. Today the Nonprofit focuses on two major initiatives each year:

  • Tools for School – a program to get school supplies to Miami kids in need
  • Toys for Joy – a program that brightens up the stay for kids at the Nicklaus Children’s Hospital in Miami
Layla, CEO of Let’s Be Selfless

What’s a recent Let’s Be Selfless initiative to highlight?

Layla shared that one of the drives that had a big impact on her was the Tools for School for Chapman Partnership, a Homeless facility in Miami. From that effort and partnership, Layla learned that you have to be grateful because a lot of people don’t have what you have. Not only has Layla learned to be grateful, she’s also learned to take action to make a difference for others. The Tools for School program is now an annual effort, and Let’s Be Selfless is gearing up for their 3rd annual Tools for School drive in 2021.

What impact has Layla seen from the Let’s Be Selfless efforts?

As CEO of the Nonprofit, Layla reports the numbers her organization has garnered in just over two years.

  • Over 2,000 toys donated to Nicklaus Children’s Hospital
  • Over 11,000 school supplies collected and donated to residents of the Chapman Partnership
  • Inspiring kids and adults with her message

“You’re never too young to make a difference. Whatever you want to do, do it!”

What was Layla’s 48in48 experience like?

Layla participated in the 2019 Miami Super Service event with 48in48, so it was an in-person event where she got to interact live with the 48in48 volunteers building her website. They showed her step-by-step how to update and edit the website they built for her, so she felt confident to use this new marketing tool for Let’s Be Selfless going forward. Prior to 48in48 designing and building a website, Let’s Be Selfless had existed only on social media. Having a website has increased awareness and visitors, allowing her to get the word out to a larger audience. 

Layla remembers her volunteer team fondly:

“They were just very helpful and amazing and so nice, and it made the experience 10 times better because of their attitudes.”

Rapid fire questions with Layla

  • What is one personality trait you simply have no time for?
    • Being rude
  • What inspires you?
    • “My parents inspire me because they’ve been there step by step and they’re all crazy and they know the sky’s the limit, because whatever we want to do, we can do it.”
  • Who’s your favorite Superhero?
    • DC – Batman
    • Marvel – Wanda
  • What are you known for?
    • Being fun + being a 9-year-old CEO (Note: Layla turns 10 this month!)
  • We finish the interview and you step outside the office and find a lottery ticket that ends up winning $10 million. What would you do?
    • “I would [try to] find who purchased the ticket, and give it back to them.” If she couldn’t find the person, she’d give $5M to other charities and $5M to her charity and other people in need.

If you’re inspired by Layla and want to help Let’s Be Selfless…

You can donate to Let’s Be Selfless here. Layla and her team take donations and collect items throughout the year. Any donations will go to the upcoming drive, which is currently their 3rd annual Tools for School.

If you’re inspired to help Nonprofits like Layla’s, please consider volunteering with 48in48 at an upcoming event. Sign up here!