48in48 Nonprofit Highlight – October 2019: Infirnity Growth Story

Infirnity – Dedicated to creating natural opportunities for people to share, love and grow.

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The New York-based nonprofit Infirnity creates ways to naturally gather community members in spaces that cultivate positive energy and shed light on the opportunity we all have to be a positive impact and inspiration to one another. Five years ago, Lisa Jasienowski and Yuwnus Hughes started the organization to simply do the best they could in their community and for the people closest to them, but raising funds for their envisioned programming using GoFundMe and Facebook to solicit donations wasn’t working. After about three years, a board member suggested 48in48, and that connection has changed everything for Infirnity.

How did the 48in48-built website help move Infirnity forward?

The very instant the website was launched, people from outside their own community started showing interest: giving networking opportunities, donating directly, even providing an insurance policy for the nonprofit. That insurance policy alone enabled Infirnity to broaden their vision and the types of events they can offer – they now offer full-blown community outreach, orchestrate block parties, and more. The website has had a huge impact on their ability to expand their network, making key new connections that have helped them grow. It has also given them a viable fundraising outlet that is making a difference. Having a website has also positively impacted the team’s own confidence and ability to communicate who they are. Co-Founder and Program Director Jasienowski doesn’t think any of their expansion would have been possible without their 48in48-built website, saying “It changed everything for us; it really did.” All smiles at Infirnity

How is Infirnity expanding their mission?

The team originally focused on character development, and the initial website was grounded in that mission. However, in the last couple of years since they’ve had the website, Infirnity has evolved even further to be more open. They still believe in the importance of character, but now they also include the opportunities they can create to enhance a person’s character. Infirnity believes you must take the first step to gather people together, have conversations and understand the needs of a certain community; only then are you able to make progress. They have grown and evolved so much that Infirnity is working with 48in48 again this year for a website redesign to better showcase who they are today.


What has Infirnity learned since getting involved with 48in48?

First and foremost, the Infirnity team has realized the importance of having a strong website. They were so caught up in making progress towards their mission that they likely still wouldn’t have a website were it not for the 48in48 partnership. In the website build process, they learned the importance of clearly identifying who you are and making that information visible for others to learn and engage. They feel empowered after gaining clarity on their own organization and their goals. The website has opened a gateway to understanding the importance of capturing moments and sharing them in a structured way with others.


What would Infirnity tell other Nonprofits considering working with 48in48?

Basketball Time at InfirnityWorking with 48in48 is an opportunity that you don’t want to miss. The process is structured and organized with clear stages set up to move the project forward and “make this miracle happen in two days!” Having a website built for you completely for free by professionals who are putting their expertise into it is a huge opportunity to jump on and take seriously. It is also an opportunity to learn more about using digital marketing and technology to move your mission forward.

How can you get involved?

In October, Infirnity is offering Youth and Adult Open Gym on Saturdays and Sundays, so check them out. Please also email Infirnity directly at [email protected] to ask questions or express interest in getting involved.


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