12 Days of Advice for Nonprofits

To bring nonprofits a gift this holiday season, we reached out to our volunteers and past 48in48 nonprofit participants for their advice. We collected their tips to help your nonprofit plan a successful digital marketing strategy for 2018.

We are proud to present our 12 Days of Advice!

  1. Daniel Roberts from Friendly Human shares his advice on reaching your audience.
  2. Rachelle Kuramoto from Watchword Brand offers insight into building a strong mission and vision.
  3. Anne Marsden from Marsden Marketing shares her advice to create an intentional social media plan.
  4. Kristie Cain Raymer from the Center for Civil and Human Rights is calling all nonprofits to act like entrepreneurs.
  5. Mary Eliza Massengill from Friendly Human recommends including short videos on social media.
  6. Staci Richards, Creative Directorshares her advice to choose the best (free!) fonts.
  7. Carla Niknejad from Marsden Marketing gives her tips for social media posting frequency.
  8. Cindy Bowden from the Clarkston Community Center talks about the importance of consistent messaging.
  9. Brianna Evans from Watchword Brand shares her advice on photos and graphics.
  10. Rob Kischuk from Converge wants you to start thinking about measurement.
  11. Adam Walker, co-founder of 48in48 shares his advice on nonprofits having their websites as a validation tool for donors.
  12. David Felfoldi from NPressive urges all nonprofits to apply for Google Ad Grants.


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Do you have advice that you want to share with nonprofits? Contribute by commenting here or using #48in48advice. We will do a follow-up post featuring additional advice for nonprofits, 2018 trends and some of the best tips from our followers.

Happy Holidays from 48in48!