48in48's mission is to bring marketing and technology to nonprofits. There are two ways 48in48 reaches nonprofits. The first, by providing free websites to 48 nonprofits in selected US cities by pairing them with a local volunteer digital marketing agency and the second, by hosting a biannual digital summit webinar focusing on the basics of digital marketing.

Interested in receiving a free marketing website? A 48in48 event usually includes the following:

  • Training on content strategy and guidance in content creation
  • Training in using Google Grants (Google Adwords)
  • Training in using the new website
  • Content writing help during the event
  • 1 month of free website hosting
  • If there is extra time, your volunteer team might be able to help with a new logo, social media strategy, marketing materials and more!



Eligibility Requirements:

  • Established 501c3, not-for-profit, non-government organization
  • Organization must serve the community specified for that particular event.
  • Organization has an annual operating budget $3,000,000 or less.
  • Organization has at least one permanent staff who knows how to navigate the internet.
  • Organization can demonstrate how the project will make a significant and sustainable impact in increasing access to services across communities served.
  • Organization's overall mission is not overtly religious or political.
  • The organization needs a marketing website with basic functionality and a limited number of pages.

What to expect if you participate

  • 48in48 is structured so that the nonprofit will spend an equal amount of time preparing, planning, writing content and gathering information as that of their volunteer team who will build their site. The nonprofit should expect to spend a 6 weeks on this project.
  • A team of volunteers will spend a weekend building a brand new website for your nonprofit. This is not an improvement on your current site. This new site is built using WordPress.
  • Nonprofit should be aware that new site will go live as-is at the end of the 48in48 event. The site will go live on the 48in48 platform at that time with 30 days of free support. Minor content changes can be made post event by the nonprofit.
  • After the event, you can keep your website on the 48in48sites platform to be managed by us for $60 per month, or you can keep your website files and stand up the site on a server or your choosing.
  • Post-event website management is the nonprofit’s responsibility. The nonprofit will receive training on how to manage the website to make basic changes to content, forms, etc. Support for your site should be targeted to the functionality or technical issues.

Select a city from our 2017 calendar to apply

National Nonprofit Digital Conference Presented by Delta Air Lines

In efforts to reach more nonprofits outside of the website development process, 48in48 invites all nonprofits to a biannual digital summit webinar focusing on the basics of digital marketing. 48in48 has invited top professionals in digital marketing to address the biggest needs of nonprofits!
Marketing Strategy
Tools & Resources
Social media 101
The cost will be minimal for each nonprofit to attend. To get on the mailing list and find out more about the Digital Conference please fill out the information below.