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Atarim is a collaborative tool used primarily by the Quality Assurance (QA) team to conduct a detailed assessment and review of your website. When a website is in edit mode, Atarim appears as a plugin, allowing team members to leave comments and suggestions directly on the web pages. This functionality enables real-time collaboration and efficient communication between the QA team and the build team, streamlining the QA process.

Why is Atarim on the website?

Having Atarim on a website serves the following purposes:

  • Feedback and annotation: Atarim allows QA team members to annotate directly on the website, providing specific and actionable feedback for the build team.
  • Issue tracking: It helps in tracking issues and bugs directly on the web page where they are found, making it easier to understand and resolve them.
  • Collaboration: Atarim makes communication seamless, enabling discussions and resolutions to happen in the context of the actual website content.

Functionality in edit mode

When the website is in edit mode, Atarim integrates smoothly without interfering with the editing capabilities. Here’s how it functions:

  • Non-interference: Atarim does not affect the team’s ability to edit the website. Users can make changes to the website content or design while having Atarim comments visible.
  • Visibility: Atarim’s interface can be easily toggled on or off, ensuring that it does not obstruct the website editing process.

Guidelines for using Atarim during site editing

  • Do not deactivate: Atarim should remain active during the editing process to ensure the QA team can access the site. Deactivating Atarim could lead to a loss of valuable feedback and annotations.
  • Use Atarim’s features: Make full use of Atarim’s collaborative features such as commenting, issue tracking, and status updates to enhance the quality assurance process. Use comments to leave notes or reminders for team members on specific pages, too!
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