5 Years of Awesome: Slalom’s 48in48 Growth Story

Slalom Consulting’s story isn’t long but it’s powerful. The company first got involved in 2017, when 48in48 first came to Boston. There they provided both volunteers and sponsorship. In 2018, they ramped up their involvement with a global team, as well as local sponsorship and volunteer teams in Boston, Atlanta, and New York. And in 2019, just two years after first getting involved, Slalom is providing a global team, sponsorships and volunteer teams in Boston, Atlanta, New York, and London. In addition to all that greatness, they are providing the venue in Boston this year. Increasing their commitment and providing massive impact in just two years – that’s a company who can indeed “Redefine what’s possible.” 

 “48in48 has become one of our flagship events in Boston.  said Shannon Montanez, Slalom Consultant. “Our relationship with 48in48 is just getting started.”  We can’t wait to work with the Slalom teams this year and beyond.