5 Years of Awesome: IBM’s 48in48 Growth Story

IBM is another incredible sponsorship growth story for 48in48. They started in 2015 with one city sponsorship and a small team of IBM Watson volunteers. By 2016 the company sent volunteers to two cities. But 2018 was when IBM really skyrocketed its involvement. The company formed a global team of volunteers that participate in Atlanta, New York City, Boston, Raleigh-Durham, Bloomington, and London. In addition to providing all those volunteer teams in all six cities that year, they hosted the events in New York and London at their IBM iX offices and awarded 48in48 a volunteer grant! 

In 2019, they already provided volunteer teams at the January Atlanta Super Service event and have committed to their first-ever 48in48 volunteer sponsorship. They have formed a global team in 2019 and will host events in three cities this year – Raleigh-Durham, New York, and London – all while providing volunteer teams in all six cities. We “Think” we love you, IBM.


Check out the Video created in 2018 by 48in48NYC IBMer, Frank Lebolo.