Volunteer Spotlight: Sam Oesterreich

We’re so excited to spotlight Sam Oesterreich, a new but already influential 48in48 volunteer! Sam designed the logo used on our t-shirts for both our most recent event, Super Service 2022, as well as our upcoming one, Women’s Build 2022.

48in48 Involvement & Working Life

Sam got involved with 48in48 through one of our veteran volunteers, Vikki Baptiste. Vikki has supported countless 48in48 events – and still has time to support BCAI Cultural Arts and Humanities, a Nonprofit in Bloomington, which is where she connected with Sam! We love to see the other communities we are connected to through the 48in48 family.

Sam has been designing in various capacities for years, and is still flexible in her working life. In the mornings, Sam works part-time in an administrative role for two cemeteries, and is employed by the township. The rest of the day, she is full time with OESfreelancing Graphic Design, her freelance design company that she launched in August of 2021. After over 25 years working in various design capacities, Sam says it’s the creativity that keeps her loving this work. She says it’s satisfying to be helpful to a brand she’s collaborating with, especially when she can use her work to put her client’s brand and message into the eyes of a new community.

That’s certainly what she’s helped us to do. As an organization hosting regular events year-round, we could never do what we do without volunteers who come back event after event to offer their expertise, and logo design is a huge way that we keep our presence visible.

Volunteer Motivation

Sam says what brought her to volunteering is simple – the knowledge that there is work to be done, and that she might have the talents and time to do it. After losing work during the pandemic, Sam took the time she had while unemployed to start designing for Nonprofits, and hasn’t stopped since. She says creating designs for Nonprofits is satisfying because of the way the work itself has an ability to expand a Nonprofit’s impact. 

As pictured above, Sam spends her free time snuggling with her cat, cooking, playing guitar, and many other hobbies in addition to her work in graphic design. We’re so glad she decided to start volunteering with 48in48 – keep a look out for her designs at our upcoming events!

Logo Sam designed for SS22
Logo Sam designed for WBE22

Interested to learn more and volunteer with us? Register here – we are currently registering for our Women’s Build in April, but we welcome new volunteers at any time of the year!