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How to get Support (Help) During the Event

When you are working as a volunteer at a 48in48 event it’s common to get stuck and need help.

Most support during an event happens on slack (48in48.slack.com), helping you to connect to the specific support team you need.

How to connect to Slack

  1. Get invited via Email, ask your PM.
  2. Join the Workspace – 48in48.slack.com
  3. Join relevant Channels (see below)

NOTE: You can use Slack through any web browser OR you can install the application your laptop.

Slack Support Channels & Descriptions

Below are links and descriptions of the Slack Channels where you can get help.

When you first go to the channel, you may need to click the “Join Channel” button to be able to post and get help.

  • #help-wordpress – When you get stuck in the process of building the site, have a question about a plugin or other site functionality, reach out here.
  • #help-actblue – If you nonprofit is using Actblue for accepting donations and you need help implementing this on the site. Use this channel.
  • #help-content – If you need help help with site content, with editing, writing or transferring, reach out here.
  • #help-design – If you need any design elements created, or need design advice, reach out here.
  • #help-qualityassurance – When you are ready for your site to be tested by our quality assurance team, reach out here.
  • #help-seo – Reach out here to get help with search engine optimization.
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Need more help?

If volunteering during an event, use #help-support in Slack. Otherwise submit a support ticket.
Support Ticket