It’s Time! Your Chance to Join the Research Triangle Event is Now!

48in48 Research Triangle Raleigh-Durham North Carolina April


“At Google Fiber, we recognize the power and opportunity of the Internet. We’re proud to support the efforts of 48in48 as they help local nonprofits leverage their web presence to amplify their impact across the Research Triangle.”

(Tia Bethea, Community Impact Manager for Google Fiber,
a 48in48 Research Triangle Sponsor)


48in48 may have started in Atlanta, but from April 27-29, it will transform the Research Triangle into a powerhouse of digital marketing talent and positive social impact. We’re so excited about this event! The Research Triangle area has an entrepreneurial legacy that’s more than 100 years in the making. Today, it’s an East Coast hub for technology innovation and rich community involvement, which makes it a perfect spot to unite hundreds of digital marketing and technology volunteers who will give their talents and time to make a positive lasting impact on the local community.


5 Great Reasons to Get Involved in the 48in48 Research Triangle Weekend

If you’re an individual volunteer or a team interested in working together at 48in48 next weekend, here are just some of the reasons why you should drop what you’re doing and sign up now.

  1. The venue: American Underground is a cutting-edge Google for Entrepreneurs tech hub. It supports hundreds of startups, earning it the title of “Startup Capital of the South” by CNBC. It’s a place where ideas thrive and growth happens.
  2. The people: This is where the good folks will be! Already, hundreds of the area’s most talented digital marketing and web professionals are set to come together. They’ll apply technical skill and creativity to help local non-profits build marketing websites that look as good as the good they do. It’s a chance to meet and collaborate with individuals and teams from companies like IBM and RedHat – among many others.
  3. The fun: If working together to build cool, useful websites and digital marketing materials wasn’t fun enough, participants will get to enjoy things like prize drawings, delicious food, and a RedBull DJ pumping tunes throughout the weekend!
  4. The causes: Our mission is to contribute to stronger communities by helping the helpers. In Research Triangle, volunteers will have the chance to work on causes they care about, ranging from education and literacy, health and fitness, hunger prevention, animal welfare, equality, and more.
  5. The impact: Since 2015, 48in48 has generated more than $8.4 Million in value worth of websites, logos, and marketing support for nonprofits whose impact has grown as a result. By the end of the weekend, 48 more websites will be launched, keeping that incredible social impact growing.

Google Fiber and ActivateGood are the incredible main event sponsors. Together, they will provide support to the volunteers and nonprofits. Participants have a special opportunity to contribute to the powerful ActivateGood nonprofit wiki – to make an even more lasting mark on the health of the Triangle area.

The first annual Research Triangle 48in48 event takes place at from April 27-29, 2018 at 201 W Main Street, Suite 100, Durham. Join us! There has never been a better chance to make a wide and lasting impact on your community, just by using your talents.

We only have space for 70 more volunteers! Get yours before you have to wait another year!

For more information and to claim your volunteer spot, visit


Photo by John Jackson on Unsplash