48in48 Nonprofit Highlight – January 2020: Equity Alliance of Washington

Equity Alliance of Washington is building more than homes…

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Equity Alliance of Washington F.A.M.E. is a Seattle-based non-profit focused on building affordable homes for Black and African-American families. In many cities across the world, there are ethnic communities that are created and maintained over generations. But in America for various reasons such as gentrification and increased residential density, black and brown communities rarely benefit. EAW recognizes that if the Black community doesn’t have assets, and access to formal power through organizations with land ownership they remain vulnerable to market forces. Therefore, EAW strives not to just build homes, but to do so with the intent that generations from now, these families can have access to the homes, to a better community and more.

Michael Darby, Advisor to EAW & Principal for MC2 Consulting, explains:

“At Equity Alliance of Washington, decisions are made around the long-term health of the community rather than focusing solely on the bottom line.”

How does EAW impact the community?

As an organization, their goal is to provide security. They work to combat a cycle where families or children worry they can be displaced at any time, creating a chaos that can be never-ending. EAW exists to provide space that enables a long-term viewpoint, a peace of mind for families to be more grounded, to make better decisions, to plan for the future. They offer that this place you live and come to every day – it will be here tomorrow.

While based in Seattle, EAW has a vision and plans to go further. In fact, working with 48in48 during the London event recently has helped expand their global view. Darby said, “Working with 48in48 was eye opening – we learned how easy it was to connect with people on the other side of the world, have effective conversations, use video conference to establish relationships. It has made us think bigger about our reach and how it truly is possible to partner and connect with people outside of our local community.”

How can you get involved?

If their mission and efforts speak to you, please consider visiting the website to sign up for their newsletter, donate or volunteer. They are in a stage where putting calls in to city government can be helpful to secure their needed funding, along with other ways to help.

EAW breaks ground on the Elizabeth Thomas Homes in 2020, a community that will provide 132 units in the city of Seattle.  Let’s help them succeed in their mission.

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EAW Community Events