3 ways to improve giving on your nonprofit’s website today

One of the main things that nonprofits need from their website is help with raising funds. Though this is clear, sometimes the best way to go about raising funds on a nonprofit website is not.  So, here are three ways that you can improve giving on your nonprofit’s website today.

  1. Ask for donations. I know this seems pretty basic, but you would be surprised how many nonprofit’s nonchalantly place their donate button in hidden places on their website. Make sure your donate button is accessible from every page of your website and large enough to be noticed (or even to command attention). Along with the donate button make sure to ask users to give in order to further your cause. Sometimes people just need to be asked and the results follow.
  2. Tell them why they should donate. It’s one thing to ask for a donation, but it’s another to explain why it’s important to do it. If you can tie a person’s donation to an expected result they will be much more likely to give. For example you might say, “Donations received in June are going to help build a playground for the children….” Or, “A donation of $20 provides food for two days.” If someone who is giving understands how they are making a difference, they are more likely to help make it.
  3. Make it simple. Don’t ask a donor to fill out a long survey detailing where they went to elementary school and their life’s work. Ask them as few questions as possible. Also, make sure that they can quickly give by credit card using a method that will be familiar to them. Remember, the less clicks between a user being able to land on your site and make a donation for your cause, the better.