10 Reasons Why Volunteers Love 48in48

Use your programming, design, development, writing and marketing skills to help nonprofits in your community raise awareness by volunteering at 48in48. To tell you more about what it’s like to participate in 48in48, Joe Koufman, an original member of the volunteer team, would like to share his story. Joe Koufman is CEO of AgencySparks, which is a matchmaker for brands and marketing agencies.


“I remember walking on the path in Piedmont Park with Jeff Hilimire in 2014, and him telling me about the vision for what would become 48in48. Jeff said that he wanted to help people use their professional talents to do good in our community. I thought that was a fantastic idea and offered to do whatever I could to support the effort.

Three years later, we are preparing for our third Atlanta 48in48 event, and we have grown to host events in New York, Boston and Minneapolis. I have had people ask me about 48in48 and why I am involved. What better way to tell you then by sharing the top 10 reasons I love 48in48!”

The Top 10 reasons why I love 48in48

  1. Every nonprofit needs two things: volunteers and donors. With 48in48, we get to help them with both.
  2. Excitement as the weekend kicks off! Not only my excitement – the excitement of all of the volunteers who are eager to jump into the “work weekend” to make a difference.
  3. An opportunity to build camaraderie and new working relationships with a group of generous and talented digital marketing specialists, designers, and developers.
  4. All the incredible food and great prizes over the weekend! Our sponsors are amazing. You can’t underestimate the power of snacks to fuel a group for 48 hours.
  5. Getting to use your professional skills to support organizations that exist to do good things for others.
  6. The nonprofits we support make an impact in our community. They dedicate their lives to supporting our neighbors. We help them look good while they do good.
  7. Providing a real value to nonprofits. And by real, I mean $1,500,000 worth of value for these nonprofits.
  8. The exhilaration at the end of the weekend. There is no greater accomplishment than completing a website in 48 hours for a deserving nonprofit. Well, except for realizing you had a role in completing 48 websites for deserving nonprofits in 48 hours!
  9. The people behind the organization are passionate, motivated, and inspiring. It’s a chance to get to work with Carole, Gina, Ethan, and of course – Jeff and Adam.
  10. The long-term vision of serving nonprofits in 48 cities across the world is impact at a scale that could never even be imagined without an organization like this. 48in48 is a chance to be part of something truly good for the world.

Joe Koufman with Ethan Parrish and Kate Jacoutot at 48in48 Atlanta 2016.

Ready to volunteer at an event near you?

48in48 Minneapolis-St. Paul is gearing up to bring marketing and technology skills to our local nonprofits from September 15-17, 2017.

48in48 Atlanta will take place October 6-8!

48in48 New York City will take place November 3-5!


Visit our website to sign up and learn about more upcoming events: https://48in48.org