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#48in48BOS #48in48RDU #48in48ATL #48in48NYC #48in48LDN

Presenting Sponsorship - 2018

Check out how you helped create $7.5 Million of impact across the US and the UK!


#48in48BOS #48in48RDU #48in48ATL #48in48NYC #48in48LDN

Over 750 volunteers, sponsors, and partners came together in five of Delta Air Line's hubs across the US and in London over the year of 2018 to bring marketing and technology to nonprofits. After 48 hours of hard work and collaboration in each city, their dedication resulted in $7.5 million of impact.

Thank you for your continued support as 2018 Presenting Sponsor of 48in48.

Check out Delta Air Lines as Presenting Sponsor this year…

Nonprofit Impact

Volunteers created over 200 new websites and digital assets for nonprofits in Boston, Raleigh/Durham, Atlanta, New York, and London!

A $3 Million Impact!

Check out a few of the new websites created:

Volunteer Engagement

Over 500 local skills-based volunteers attended one of the five 48in48 events, Presented by Delta Air Lines#48in48BOS, #48in48RDU, #48in48ATL, #48in48NYC, or#48in48LDN!


That's 27,000 volunteer hours across three weekends!

Sponsor Exposure

  • Recognized as Presenting Sponsor on-site and on all promotional documents 
  • Custom Co-branded logo lock-up
  • Events hosted in Delta Air Lines' Hubs
  • Highest Prominence on T-Shirts 
  • Highest Prominence on Sponsor Banners
  • Mention and sponsor highlight during the Opening & Closing Programs
  • Social Media mentions
  • Sponsor Highlight Blog post
  • Presenting Sponsorship Recognition in press releases sent to media.

Representaion on Judge's Panel

Prominence during closing ceremony:

  • Speaking opportunity
  • Representation on the judge's panel in BOS, NYC, & LDN
  • Branded backdrop on photos with each of the winners. Photos shared via social media channels.

You are the reason we have helped over 700 nonprofits and built our impact to $19 Million and climbing!

Our Mission

To help the helpers – and in doing so, to strengthen our communities. 48in48 brings together nonprofits striving to do the most good, local digital professionals seeking to volunteer their unique skills, and companies looking to donate to a cause that has exponential impact.

Event Brand Exposure at in 2018

Thank you for being such a big part of this amazing and impactful year. We thank you for helping us expand globally for the first time and look forward to our continued growth in 2019.

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