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Sponsorship Impact

Check out how IBM helped create $1.5 Million of impact across the globe!

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200 IBM volunteers came together in Atlanta, New York, Raleigh, Boston, Dallas, London, and again in Atlanta in 2019 to bring marketing and technology to nonprofits worldwide. After 48 hours of hard work and collaboration, their dedication resulted in $8 million of impact.

Thank you for your commitment to volunteerism and your sponsorship of 48in48.

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Nonprofit Impact

Your employees used their professional skills for good to create new websites for over 200 nonprofits worldwide:

Volunteer Engagment

200 of your employees volunteered at 48in48 in Atlanta, New York, Raleigh, Boston, Dallas, and London!

Sponsor Exposure

  • Recognized as 48in48 Sponsor
  • Venue Exposure in two 48in48 events: London & NYC
  • Recognized as Global 48in48 Team
  • Volunteer Committee representation & leadership across all 48in48 events
  • Logo Recognition
    • T-Shirts
    • Sponsor Banner
    • 48in48 Website
  • Opening Program Mention
  • Social Media Mention
  • Volunteer Excellence Award - Social Media Share

Venue Host

Prominent exposure as Host of 48in48 in New York City and London as well as speaking opportunity and representation on the Judge's panel.

  • Venue Host at 48in48NYC & 48in48LDN
  • Speaking opportunity at 48in48RDU
  • Representation on the judge's panel at 48in48BOS
  • Published photo with each of the winners.

You are the reason we have helped nearly 1,000 nonprofits and built our impact to $27 Million and climbing!

Our Mission

To help the helpers – and in doing so, to strengthen our communities. 48in48 brings together nonprofits striving to do the most good, local digital professionals seeking to volunteer their unique skills, and companies looking to donate to a cause that has exponential impact.

Thank you for your sponsorship of #48in48 and your support and enthusiasm from your volunteers!

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